Baby It's Cold Outside

"Do you want to head back to my place?" asked Christian. He had this gorgeous soft smile on his face as he held out my coat for me to wear.

"Your place?" I grinned.

"Yeah, I remember you telling me how much you loved a good scotch."

"Depends. What kind?" I smiled as he held open the door for me. The cold winter wind nipped at my face.

"Clynelish," he whispered close to my ear.

"Lead the way."

With that, Christian took my hand and lead me to his car. Christian Mallone was a devastatingly handsome man who was the owner of the Mallone Hotel franchise. He was never the dating kind of man. But when he met me at a coffee shop near the publishing company I worked at, he said he couldn't take his eyes off me.

He accidentally knocked into me (or so he says) and striked up a conversation about the weather. He was full of confidence and just exuded sex appeal. When he asked me out to dinner, I couldn't say no.

He was a perfect gentleman the whole night. He took me to one of the restaurants in his nearest hotel. He didn't tell me his last name or that he owned it, until a waiter acknowledged him as Mr Mallone. I couldn't believe how a rich and powerful man would be interested in such a normal girl.

And said girl is now following him back to his home.

As he opened the door and helped me out of my coat, I noticed how cozy his little home was. He lived in a luxury condominium, but without any maids or butlers around.

"I find it hard to believe that a rich man like you doesn't have any help," I said.

"A day maid comes around daily to keep the place clean, but that's it. I like my privacy," he smiled, leading me to the couch. It was extremely comfortable and I felt right at home.

I watched him with wonder as he lit a match and threw it in the fireplace. A brilliant fire took place and I immediately felt the warmth creep through my skin. He caught me looking and gave me one of his soft smiles I loved.

He sat beside me on the couch, putting a hand around my shoulders. I leaned into him and looked up into his eyes. His stormy grey eyes were bright and seemed to be looking right into my soul.

"This night has been amazing," I murmured, feeling pleasure as I heard his sharp intake of breath when I took his hand.

"But I really must go," I said, standing up.

He looked surprised, but he recovered quickly. He stood up as well and took my hand before I could get my coat.

"But sweetheart, it's cold outside."

I smiled. I knew what game he was playing. "It's not that cold."

"Oh come on, Danielle. You can't tell me that you'd rather go out into that awful weather when you could just curl up on the couch with me."

"As great as that sounds, my roommate will worry," I said, moving around the couch.

"She won't worry. You're a grown woman, she knows you can take care of yourself."

"Christian, dear. Are you deliberately trying to get me to stay?" I smirked.

Ignoring my question, he came to me and put his warm hand on mine, "Oh no, your hands are just like ice."

"All the more reason why I should go now before they've got a chance to warm up."

I was already near the door, reaching for my coat. He swiftly strode to the door, successfully blocking my way.

"Just stay for a drink. Please?" he asked, looking at me with a pleading look on his handsome face.

"I don't know," I said.

"Besides, look how bad it is out there," he stated, pointing out the nearby window. I could see the falling snowflakes. It was beautiful, but it did look cold.

"Maybe just half a drink," I said, smiling.

He gave me a full smile that took my breath away. He took off my coat slowly, running his hands down my arms.

"I'll get the Clynelish. Why don't you put on some music, beautiful?" he said, going into the kitchen.

I went to the stereo he had on the other side of the room and looked through his ridiculous CD collection until I found something I liked. I pressed play and relished the smooth crooning of –

"Michael Bublé? "

I spun around and found Christian with the bottle of scotch and two glasses. "I like his voice."

He laughed softly as he poured the liquid gold into the glasses. He held one out to me and I took it, letting my hand linger on his. I took a sip and closed my eyes, loving the burning feel of the drink flow down my throat.

Suddenly, I felt the glass being taken away from me. I opened my eyes and saw Christian putting down our glasses. He took me into his arms and we swayed to the music.

"I've never met someone like you before," he whispered, his cheek delicately pressed to mine.

I pulled back just a little to look into his eyes, which were now a charcoal grey. "Me neither."

He cupped my face gently in his hands and leaned so close that his nose was touching mine. He then put his lips to mine and kissed me. The kiss was so sweet and soft, and yet it could set my whole body on fire.

"Why don't you stay the night?" he murmured against my lips.

I smiled, "Well it is cold outside."

A/N: This is something different. I never wrote anything like this before. But I was watching Cameron Mitchell and Lindsay's take of it on The Glee Project and I was inspired. Its such a beautiful song. I don't feel like I did it justice, but I really wanted to write it nontheless. Review please!