It Came From Above.

The noise was unbearable for Bill. Screeeeeeeech. On instinct he would usually cover his ears but alas this was not an option. He had been held captive in the pitch-black for what must have been the better part of two days. No food and no water, he was surely on his deathbed and at such a young age as well. Fifteen years old and tied up underneath a classroom, suffering, whilst a quite normal if not rowdy classroom was being taught by a twisted, old man on the floor above him.

Screeeeeeeech. The torturing noise of chalk screeching against a blackboard would be with Bill until he passed. His two ears were like a busy train station as deafening sounds forever came and went through an ever revolving door, raping his brain and sending him over the edge.

Mr McCarter had always been pleasant with Bill. He assisted him with his homework, Conversed with him about personal difficulties. It only become apparent to Bill as he sat, miserable, dehydrated and his stomach craving the tiniest bit of food, that Mr McCarter was grooming him.

Bill could not tell if his eyes were open or closed but his face felt like it had been doused in acid. He decided that his eyes had been removed. All he could see (Or all he couldn't see) was darkness and all he could hear was the vile voice of his teacher above him, teaching the rest of the class in an annoyingly pleasant mood. And why wouldn't he be in a good mood? He got what he wanted. He attempted to give out a shriek but it was no use as he was too weak and Mr. McCarter had already injected a chemical into his voice box, probably bleach.

Screeeeeeeech. Bill was sore all over. Although he couldn't move an inch, he was paralysed and his body was still in an uncomfortable pain. He was also naked, and it took him a while to realise it and probably wouldn't have if it weren't for a slight breeze approaching from some place. It soothed him to some degree although it certainly didn't improve his mood or make the situation seem any better.

He wondered if anyone had been looking for him. He thought to himself that his parents must be crazy with worry hoping to cheer himself up but to no avail. His parents had in fact been worried. The whole town had been worried, all except for Mr McCarter of course. No. He was filled with excruciatingly perverted power and wealth.

The rowdiness of the class became louder and louder until Bill could hear ear-splitting shrieks from some of the pupils and suddenly he thought that maybe someone had finally come to save him. He was right. He distinctly heard the police above asking Mr McCarter if they could take a look around whilst all of the kids evacuated.

Screeeeeeeech. The chalk. The fucking chalk. The noise was horrendous but the feel of it was worse. The rough way it rubbed against his body, leaving little trails of white powder all over him. His dying, aching body. Screeeeeeeech. Thump Thump Thump.

The sound of the chalk was fighting with the noise of policemen's' footsteps for control of Bill's ears. The desire for water was lingering on his tongue. An empty pit had been dug in his stomach and filled up with complete nothingness that resulted in aggravated pain. It was the end for him.

Screeeeeeeech. Thump Thump Thump. Bill's brain was ready to implode, ready to light up the darkness with a million gory pieces of mashed brain. A trapdoor somewhere above opened and a ladder dropped and went crashing towards the basement floor. A repulsive smell immediately kidnapped the classroom and Mr. McCarter went insane. Knowing he was caught, he grabbed a pistol from his desk and misfired at one of the policemen. Instinctively one of the policemen retaliated and after a large bang and a scream of death, Mr. McCarter was no more as he lay, drowning in his own blood and guilt as his spirit travelled down into the depths way past lil' Bill and into the depths of hell.

One of the policeman shone a light down the trapdoor and climbed down the ladder while the other attended to Mr. McCarters soon to be rotting corpse. The smell of urine and excrement from Bill had filled the basement and was now infiltrating the policeman's nose. He directed his light towards Bill and stumbled backwards in a daze. There was lil Bill, tied up, covered in blood and semen whilst rats gathered to feast on some fresh dinner.

He was gone.