Forbidden Words

Words thought, not often spoken,
Dreams from which we're never woken.
Thoughts we're not supposed to think,
They choke us, drown us, we will sink.

Deeper, further, farther in,
Goosebumps ripple on my skin,
Love we're not supposed to feel,
Send our minds round in a wheel;

Whirling, twirling, spinning round,
Oblivious to any sound.
A heart is breaking, a mind distraught.
A battle is soon to be fought.

Love versus Love, mind over heart,
Are you human, or are you smart?
Tears, they fall from bloodshot eyes.
As she turns her back, says her goodbyes.

Words thought, now never spoken,
Dreams from which we now have woken.
Thoughts we now won't ever think,
Now, stop, breathe, sigh and blink.