baby looked at her father with adoring worship-eyes
big and blue and innocent as he
peeled off her glitterstar shirt and patched jeans.
she didn't know how to hate him so she
loved him instead, with every piece of her
unhappy heart. she treasured the bruises and came to
sympathize with him.

six summers gone by since she fought her way
out of the womb; and she was already wise in the ways
of what menlikedaddy wanted. she rubbed his feet
when he had a hangover and let him touch her
with his greedysticky fingers.

baby cried when they took daddy away and showed them
the toys he had given her, told them horror stories
(she called them happy memories)
of when he had given her popcorn for giving him a
blowjob. (but she didn't know the name. daddy told me
it would make him happy,
she said)