The city was abuzz with activity as the night continued on,

A teen girl stood on top of a building, looking over the city. She was wearing a black shirt that ended above her ribcage the shirt had bubble sleeves. The collar was a turtle neck, and covered her entire neck. Her black hair was in a ponytail, flowing in the breeze. A black skirt was secured around her waist, ending at her lower thighs. The skirt flowed free, billowing in the breeze. The girl's deep red eyes narrowed and a cat floated onto her shoulder, smiling. The black cat was wearing a gold tiara.

"Are you ready?" The cat asked, in a sophisticated female voice.

"Yes." The girl answered her voice slightly deep and straight to the point.

"You know what to do." The cat told her. The girl nodded and closed her eyes.

"TRANSFORM!" She shouted, relaxing. She fell forward, falling off of the building.

"AH!" A girl shouted, falling on the floor. Her alarm clock went off, and she struggled to get untangled from her blanket. She gasped as she was set free.

"Ah man...I had that strange dream again..." She sighed, standing up. Her voice was childish. The girl walked over to the mirror and groaned. Her short, shoulder length black hair was everywhere; she narrowed her dark brown eyes at her reflection and picked up her brush, attempting to tame her wild hair. After ten minutes she finally got it into two slightly messy pigtails. The hair was held up by a white ribbon.

"My hair is always the toughest challenge of the morning." She muttered, yawning.

"Mariko! You're going to be late for school! Hurry up!" An older, male voice shouted.

"On it!" She shouted back, running to her closet. She slid on a white sailor shirt, which had a pink cape. She slid a pink, pleated skirt around her waist. She grabbed a pair of socks and ran out of her room, hopping down the stairs as she attempted to put on her, thigh high, white socks. She slipped on one of the last few steps and started falling to the ground; however a pair of strong arms grabbed her.

"Be more careful!" A mature voice scolded her. Mariko glared at the teen boy holding her.

"I will, if you stop being such a jerk, Taka!" She shouted, hitting him.

"Ow! You're such a bratty little sister? Are you sure that you're a third year in middle school?" He asked, rubbing his head, which was covered in messy light brown hair. He was wearing a white, short sleeved button up shirt, and blue dress pants.

"I have to go!" Mariko shouted, jumping out of her brother's arm.

"Why am I stuck dealing with her?" He sighed, straightening out. "Hey, mom and dad already left. You'll have to make your own lunch." He told her, heading for the door.

"No need! Kana always makes me a lunch!" Mariko told him, following him out the door, after slipping on her brown loafers.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Taka asked her, staring at her back.

"My backpack!" Mariko shouted running back to the house. She grabbed her backpack, and ran to catch up with his brother again. After a silent ten minutes she walked into her school, switching to her pink and white school slippers.

"Mariko! There you are!" a brown haired girl shouted. Her hair reached her waist in slight waves. She had ice blue eyes that could rival a Siberian husky's. Blue glasses were resting on her head.

"Sorry, Kana. I had a strange dream again." Mariko told her, smiling.

"Which one? The one where you were being forced into the girl's bathroom and you were afraid for some reason or the one about the giant fish that wanted to eat everyone?" Kana asked.

"I can't remember. All I do know is that it was strange." Mariko told her, walking over to her.

"Well, let's go. I don't want Hiroshima-sensei to get mad at us. You know how she can get." Kana sighed, grabbing Mariko's wrist and dragging her off. "You really need to start getting to school on time, Mari-chan!" Kana sighed.

"I said sorry." Mariko giggled as she was dragged away.

~Lunch time~

"Lunch time!" a blonde girl cheered. Her hair reached her knees in a tight braid. She had green eyes that were closed in happiness. She was devouring her lunch, which was mainly made of sweet things, and was a rather large lunch. Their three desks were turned together, made into a make shift lunch table.

"Slow down, Haru!" Kana shouted, slightly concerned.

"Come on, you know her, she can never choke on food." Mariko smiled, eating some of the lunch that Kana made her.

"Mariko! You need to start bringing your lunch. My mom is starting to get suspicious!" Kana complained.

"Then why don't you just tell her the truth?" Haru asked, taking a break from eating.

"You know I can't do that! If my mother finds out that I'm helping Mariko like that again she'll ground me for a month and send me to a private rich kid school!" Kana reminded them.

"Oh yeah. Don't worry! I'll try to remember tomorrow!" Mariko told her, finishing her lunch quickly.

"Tomorrow's Saturday. It's a half day. We were going to hang out at the Usual Place for lunch, remember?" Kana asked.

"Oh yeah..." Mariko muttered.

"Hey! Did you guys hear about the new girl?" Haru asked.

"Figures that you're on top of everything having to do with gossip." Kana sighed, adjusting her glasses. "What was it?"

"I heard that she got kicked out of her last school." Haru whispered.

"What for?" Mariko asked.

"Because she beat up a high school kid and got him sent to the hospital!" Haru shouted happily.

"I heard that too. In fact that isn't a rumor. It's the truth. It was on the news the other day. Apparently that boy was trying to rape her older sister. She beat him up." Kana confirmed.

"Whoa! Really?" Mariko gasped.

"Really." Kana nodded.

"I never thought that Haru would tell us something that was actually true!" Mariko gasped. Haru sighed, and tears flowed out of her eyes.

"That's so mean!" She cried.

"Enough with your fake tears or you'll have to pay for tomorrow's lunch." Kana smirked.

"You're evil, you know that?" Haru asked.

"I'm going to get some soda, I'll be right back!" Mariko smiled, running out of the classroom. She ran down the halls, passing other students. She came to one of the vending machines outside and saw two girls talking. One had red hair that was in a smooth, silky ponytail. She was wearing the middle school uniform, but had a badge over her left breast. Her black eyes were staring up at an older high school girl. The high school girl was wearing a black blazer, with a white shirt on underneath. She had on a skirt that reached her knees. Her hair was black as the shadows, and reached her waist. It was in a high ponytail. Her deep red eyes didn't hold any emotion, except annoyance.

"Here's your lunch." The older girl told her, in an emotionless voice.

"Oh...yeah..." The red head muttered, taking the wooden box.

"Dad wants you home on time today." She told her.

"Whatever. Maybe you should pick me up. It's your job, as my big sister to protect me, but I seem to be doing the protecting." The red head stated, standing up. "You're a lousy sister, Mitsu." She muttered, walking away.

"Um...excuse something wrong?" Mariko asked, walking over to her. Mitsu turned to Mariko, and the younger girl's eyes widened. "This girl...she was in my dream last night!" Mariko thought, as the dream came back to her.

"No, nothing's wrong." Mitsu smiled. Mariko blushed and looked at the ground.

"Are you sure...your little sister wasn't very nice just now." Mariko muttered, fidgeting with her soda can.

"It's alright. I'm used to it. Well, I'll see you around." Mitsu smiled.

"Wait! Here!" Mariko shouted, holding out her soda.

"A soda?" Mitsu asked.

"I just heard your stomach growl! You could use a protein shake, you might not be able to make it back to the high school in time." Mariko blushed as Mitsu took the drink.

"Thanks...wait what's your look familiar." Mitsu muttered.

"Mariko Amane! I have in older brother in high school, Taka!" Mariko told her.

"Yes...I'll tell your brother I said hello." Mitsu smiled, walking away. Mariko blushed and stood in a trance as the girl walked away.

"She's so pretty." Mariko muttered. The bell rang, signaling that lunch was over.

"Oh no! I'm late!" Mariko shouted, rushing back into the school.