"Hello! Criminals!" Mariko shouted. She had black dog ears replacing her real ears. She had on white unitard. There weren't any sleeves and it hugged her torso. Black gloves were on her arms, going up to her elbows. The end of the gloves, her hands, were styled like paws. She had a skirt aroundher waist, held together by a black jewel. A black tail was above her butt. She had high heeled boots that reached her thighs. Around her neck was the black and white paw print necklace. Hana was right next to her, growling at the man. The bank robber looked at her.

"Girlie...what the hell are you doing here? Cosplay freak." He uttered, pointing a gun at her. Mariko flinched.

"H-Hana...I'm here...what do I do now?" Mariko asked.

"You beat him." Hana answered her. The paw print was around her neck as well.

"What the? That dog can talk?" The robber asked, before smirking. "That'll fetch me a fortune."

"How can you hear her?" Mariko asked.

"Its the necklace! They can understand what I'm saying, however, it is only under these circumstances." Hana explained. The window broke as a woman flew through it. She had blue wings on her back. She was waering a blue tube top, and a white skirt, with blue sorts on underneath. Yellow boots were on her feet, the heel, and toe both being sharp. The boots ended at her thighs, meeting the blue shorts. Blue gloves were on her hands, the fingers sharp as well. Her blue hair was pooled around her face. It seemed like feathers and covered her ears. Her eyes were golden and glared at the man. Around her waist was a white band that had a blue gem in the center, covering her belly button. A bird was flying next to her. It was slightly larger than a normal bird, and was mutated. Its talons were sharper, and so was its beak. It had sharp horns coing out of its head.

"Who are you?" Mariko shouted. The bird woman looked at her, shocked.

"I'm an ally! Quick! Power up!" She commanded.

"How?" Mariko asked, jumping into the air when the robber shot at her. She flipped over to the bird, nervous.

"Is this your first time?" She asked her.

"Yes!" Mariko shouted. The robber aimed his gun and shot at them. ariko got down on all fours and ran, the mysterious bird flying beside her.

"God! Why did Cat have to be training right now!" Bird growled. The talons on her fingers became extra sharp. "Leave this to me!" She shouted, switching directions, and flying towards the man. She threw her hands at himm, scratching him. He screamed as she cut his hand, almost slicing it off. He let go of the bag he was holding, and she landed on the ground, and pressed her boot to his chest, keeping him still.

"What the hell are you?" The robber shouted in fear.

"Your worst nightmare." The bird smirked. She pointed at the cashier, her talons returning to normal fingers. "Call the cops and tell them to come pick this guy up." She told him. He nodded and picked up the store phone.

"Dogs, please come here." The bird said, turning back to normal. Mariko nodded and bounded over to her, still on her hands and knees like a dog. "Do you have any rope?" she asked.

"No...sorry..." Hana answered.

"Honestly! What kind of hero comes to a fight without supplies?" The bird muttered, slapping her forehead.

"Hey! Hana just told me to come! She didn't give any explantion or anything!" Mariko shouted, standing up. She glared at the woman, growling. Her tail was swishing angrily.

"I see, so this really is your first time." The woman muttered, she held out a hand. "I'm Bird. Follow me after the cops come to collect this man." Bird told her.

"Alright...I'm Ma-"

"Dog! She's dog." Hana answered.

"Good, nice and simple to remember for her animal." Bird smiled.

"I'm Bleu. Its French for blue, what's your name?" the bird smiled.

"Hana...nice to meet you Bleu." the dog bowed. Police entered the shop, guns raised.

"Hey boys!" Bird greeted, pulling up the robber. He pushed him towards a male cop. "Thanks for showing up late!" Bird smirked, walking past him.

"Dog." Hana whispered. Mariko nodded and ran after bird, bowing to the police men.

"Bird! Wait up!" Mariko shotued, catching up to her.

"Follow me." Bird told her, walking past some citezens.

"Um, shouldn't we find some place to shange first?" Mariko whispered nervously.

"That's where we're going." Bird told her, turning into an ally. Mariko follwed her as the went further, and couldn't walk side by side anymore. "Do you know how to turn back?" Bird asked her.

"No...sorry..." Mariko answered.

"I don't know either. I apologize." Hana told them.

"Its alright! Bird had a hard time changing back her fist time as well. Its different for everyone, so we can't tell you what to do." Bleu told her.

"Shut up." Brd blushed.

"Alright." Mariko opened a door to a small resturant. They were in the employees lounge. "This place seems familiar." Mariko whispered.

"Hey. Come on." A cold voice said. Mariko looked towards Bird and nearly screamed when she saw it was the blue haired girl from earlier.

"Where am I?" Mariko asked.

"Just follow me." Bird commanded. Mariko gulped and nervoulsy followed her through another door, and up few flights of stairs. She came to another door and opened it.

"We've found the dog." Bird told a figure.

"Good." A female voice rang out. "You are dismissed Hime-san."

"Hai." Hime bowed, closing the door behind her. Mariko nervoulsy walked towards the window, where a large desk was placed. A woman was standing beside the arm chair. She had light purple hair that was in a boy cut. She wore a business suit, and gloves were on her hands.

"Um...hello?" Mariko asked.

"Who are you?" She asked, staring out the window.

"D-Dog." Mariko answered.

"You're real name." She demanded.

"Amane Mariko!" She stuttered, standing rigid.

"So you're the dog that we've been looking for. Nice to finally meet you. We have been searching for you." She told her. The woman turned around and Mariko saw that her eyes here black, and she had tanned skin. "My name is Kagura. And you are in Anima Minor."

"A-Anima...Minor?" Mariko repeated.

"What does that mean?" Hana asked.

"You are a level one Anima Henshin. You are a minor. After some training you may very well become an Alpha." Kagura told her.

"Alpha?" Mariko asked.

"I see, these are the ranks that they have been assigned, based on how strong they are." Hana realized.

"Yes, now, you need an Alpha teacher to train you." Kagura said. There was a knocking at the door. "Luckily, she's here now. Come on in." Kagura shouted. Mariko's eyes widened as Mitsu walked in, another girl following her. This girl had grey hair that was in a messy boy cut. Her bangs were black, and her eyes were ice blue. She was wearing a white, shirt. And black skinny jeans. A thin scarf was wrapped around her neck. On her neck was a snowflake with a paw print on it. The charm hung off of a small chain. Fuzzy boots were on her feet. Following her was a Siberean Husky, that was full grown. The Husky was mainly white, but her ears and tail were grey.

"I have brought Sakura, just like you requested." Mitsu bowed.

"Hello." Sakura greeted.

"Sakura, meet Mariko, your trainee." Kagura smiled. "Mariko, and Hana, meet Sakura and Snowball, your new trainers."