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Chapter 1

On the edge

"Okay, okay, I'm goin," I said as the man walking behind me prodded my back with a knife. He led me over the rough rocks to a small crowd of people waiting ahead of us. It was about midnight and I was about 35 miles away from my warm comfy bed in North Carolina. I spit a piece of blonde hair out of my mouth as I almost tripped on a rock. The guy pulled on my shackled wrist and it shot pain through my arms. "Why are we here?" I asked for the fifth time.

The man with the knife to my back said with a deep growl in his voice, "It almost the end for you, you little priss!"

"Priss," I mocked under my breath. Everyone turned to look at us and I growled at them, my turquoise eyes glared in the moon light.

They stepped aside and the man pushed me forward into the middle of them. Then he pulled me to a halt and I yelped in pain. They quietly laughed and I hissed to the man behind me, "Why are we here!"

He half smiled and said. "You'll see". I rolled my eyes and a woman walked up and stood right in front of me.

She had on a knee length dress with a black belt over the navy blue fabric. She had on glasses and her ginger hair pulled was into a neat bun, she was holding a clip board and said, "So you are Zoe?"

I rolled my eyes and said, "No duh, so what's that make you, an idiot?" her hands clenched the clip board and her knuckles turned red in the half light.

She calmed herself with a deep breath and said looking at the man behind me, "Are you ready?"

I shook my head, "Nope!" he pulled on my cuffs and I yelped in pain again.

He quickly nodded and the lady threw a hand into the air and said, "Unclip her". He slowly unclipped the hand cuffs and I quickly pulled my hands in front of me to rub my aching wrists.

They were scratched and cut from the rough cuffs, I glared at the woman in front of me and I said, "What now!" she stepped aside and the man pushed me forward. My feet skidded across the rough ground. I looked around and I saw I was on top of a huge mound there was huge mounds of dirt around me and the wind was starting to kick up. He stopped pushing me forward and I looked down. There was a 150 feet plunge down a steep cliff.

I was on top of a limestone quarry! I quickly looked at the man behind me, fear on my face, and he briskly nodded. I gulped and looked back down. I said trying to take a step back, "Come on, we can work something out!" he shook his head and pushed me forward more. The rocks crumpled under me I spun around and I fell. The people looked down at me with, smiles? These people were happy I was going to be killed!

My hair was flowing in front of my face so I couldn't see, I hate to do this but I kinda want to live right now. I threw off my jacket and I shook my sore back. I glanced behind me and the ground was 50 feet from me now. I just stopped in midair. The all stared down at me with a mixer of anger and amusement.

I grinned and I shot upward into the sky. I climbed higher and higher, 200, 250, 300 feet above ground. I put my hand to my mouth and I shouted, "I can fly, idiots!"

I turned and I bolted across the sky, I listened to my voice echo across the quarry, the cool air blowing on my face. I looked up at the full moon and said letting my words blow away in the wind, "Adults are idiots". The Moon shined on my blonde hair and I probably would look like a hawk from below.

But I'm used to that. So I should probably tell you about myself. First things first, I'm not a normal 14 year old girl. As weird as it sounds, I have wings. Yes, I have wings, I was killed at the age of 14 and I became an angel, and I have to say, Heaven was awesome! But I was sent back to earth to fore fill a quest. My quest is to protect a kid in need, but I was given that quest 2 years ago. I haven't found the child, and I am not the poster child of Angels, I am a tom boy, I have no manners, and I am sometimes rude. And those nice people who pushed me off the cliff hate me and my two sisters, Ally (13) and Dawn (12).

Ally and Dawn are angels to, and they have the same quest as I do. But they are succeeding better than I am, Ally is almost done with hers and Dawn is half way protecting hers.

But anyway, I am 5"9, 14 year-old girl. I have blonde hair with a lot of streaks of black in it. My hair stops right under my shoulder blades, right above my wings. Have you ever seen hawk wings or possibly eagle wings? Well, my wings are a mixture of a hawk's wing and an eagle's wing and have a wing span of 16 feet.

I had about 34 miles, give or take a few. So I would be home in about an hour, I fly fast. I looked down and I saw the Mississippi river flowing fast. We just had a bad storm and the Mississippi flooded.

The full moon was a white circle on the water when I looked at my watch, 12:34. Great, I hope Ally and Dawn are asleep. I flapped my wings harder and I gained about 10mph, so I was going about 45mph. the wind was pounding in my ears but I heard it, I groaned and said, "Why did I think I could get away that fast?" I glanced over my shoulder and I saw it.

A helicopter, carrying about 10 angry people, and they were mad that the stock market dropped 20 points. No, they were mad at me. I heard a whizzing noise pass by my ear. A bullet? Great!

I groaned and I strained to go faster. Another bullet, a little to the right this time, I thought up something quickly and I got it. I ducked down and I headed toward the earth. The ground coming scary close, I made it about 10 feet, when another bullet was fired, this one struck the front of my calf. I cried out in pain and I glanced behind me.

My whole right calf was covered in blood and it hurt like crazy. I cursed them and I looked forward, I screamed and I pushed upward. The ground was 10 feet below me. I shot forward and I flew through the bushes and I tilted my wings at a 75o angle. The bushes flying by me, I glanced behind me, no one. I looked forward and I crashed into a tree, at 20 mph.

I fell to the ground and I rubbed my throbbing head, "Dang, good thing Dawn didn't see that. I would never hear the end of it," I said with a shake of my head. I stood up and I took off back into the air. But before I flew into the open air I looked around. My head poked out of the tree tops, my wings were being painfully pulled backward. The chopper was ahead of me, so I took a breath and said, "It's now or never, Zoe" I pulled up onto the highest branch and I stood up. I jumped up and whipped out my wings to their full length and took off.

I flew up to the chopper and flew right under it. I grabbed the foot step (or whatever the heck it's called). I sat down on it and I pulled in my wings. I sat on the step just dangling my feet 450 feet above the ground. I hit a timer on my watch to see how long it would take for them to realize I was sitting here.

I sat there, the blades nosily pounding the air. I looked at my watch 37 seconds. I looked down at the rugged landscape. I kicked my legs against the air and I sighed. I had a free ride home, but I had no idea where they were going. I looked up at the moon and said; "I guess there is a man on the moon" I sat in silence for a little longer.

Till I heard a muffled, "Hey!" I looked up at a man leaning out a door, then at my watch, 1 minute 23 seconds.

I tapped my watch and said, "Late reaction!" he pulled out a pistol. I shook my head and shouted, "Sorry, once is enough for me" I pointed at my shot calf, which was bleeding worse. He blinked and said with a salute, "Bye, freak"

I let myself fall backwards and it was the second time today! I fell a few feet and I whipped out my wings. I felt a slight tug then I was a lift. I smiled and I took off, as fast as I could go (50 mph) I was almost home, I was going to take a short cut. I dived again and I flew right into the forest. I glanced back and the chopper was following, perfect. I went right into the trees and I dodged and weaved between trees. Then I heard what I wanted to hear.


The helicopter "followed" me into the trees, but didn't manage it. It crashed and exploded into a huge flame ball. I smiled and I headed deeper into the trees. I stopped realizing I was about half a mile from my house.

I dropped to the ground and pulled my wings in under my shirt with a slight shake of my shoulders. I looked down at my leg and it was covered in blood and it was throbbing. Maybe I should fly; I'll wait till I get out of the trees. I limbed along a trail I found, and in 10 minutes I was out of the trees.

I was out in the open air and I saw my house, a light was on in ally's room. I shook my head and I whipped out my wings. I flew the rest of the way to the house.

I stumbled in the front door, and I heard the gentle footsteps of my sisters. I flicked on the lights and I slowly walked to the bathroom. I pulled out the first aid kit and I went back to the kitchen to wrap my leg. I sat down at the table and I heard Ally and Dawn poke their heads around the corner of the stairs. I said, not taking my eyes of my wrap, "I hear you two," they sighed and walked into the kitchen. They were both in their PJ's, well; at least they listened to me about that.

Ally's black hair was messy and her light blue eyes were full of worry. Dawn had her blonde hair pulled into a long ponytail and her green eyes were glazed with tears. She spoke with worry ebbing at her words, "What happened, I went into your room to ask you a question, and you were gone!"

I shook my head and said, "I had a little issue" I winced when I put the rubbing alcohol on my bullet wound. I was lucky it only cut deep into the front, not go into my leg. I do not want to go to a hospital.

Too many questions, but you could figure that out, I hope. I tightened the wrap around my calf and I stood up. I put my arms around my sisters and I said giving them a tight hug, "I'm all better; I'll tuck you guys in". They slowly nodded and they headed up their rooms. I shut off all the lights and I followed them up stairs.

I tucked them both in and there question was, "What happened"

I just told them with a smile, "I'll tell you tomorrow"

Ally did say, "It is tomorrow" I rolled my eyes and gave her a kiss on the forehead and said good night. I got up and shut off the lights. I was about to shut the door when I heard both my sisters say, "Love you Zoe"

"I love you guys too," I quickly brushed my hair, because I didn't want knots in my hair in the morning. Then I shut the lights off and climbed into my comfy bed. I said to myself, "Life is weird," I rolled over and I saw a picture of my sisters and me, "But worth it." Then I fell into a deep and exhausted sleep.

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