Mutts And Roses Book One: Water


My name is Khione Riviera. I am fourteen. I live in Aspen, Maine and this is my is my story.


" For the last time, Jake, their are no such thing as muttations." He rolls his eyes and goes on and on. Yeah... he so has a crush on me. I

smile and fake- listen to his story about how his life will be dedicated to killing mutts. even though he is physio... Jake Wetherall is my best friend.

I shake my head as we see my sixteen year old sister, Poison Riviera looking at us with humor. She walks over and says to me." is crazy flakes talking about mutts again?"

" You know it." I say.

" No problem!" she says." come hang out with me and my friends."

" Thanks, but no thanks." I tell her and walk back to Jake. Poison looks at me like I'm just as crazy as Jake.


Later that night I look around my room with distaste. I think someone has been in hear.. I can't tell, though...I set down my book I was reading and walk over to my

computer and search "Mutts" just for the fun of it. Then the room goes cold and I am in a net.


" You know the password?" A girl of about seventeen says.

" Sorry?" I say, shaking my head.

" The password to get into the muttation world."

" I don't know what you mean." I say... rubbing my eyes.

" We must get you ready for the test... they only give the password to all test-goers. " the seventeen year old says.

" You mean the password as in "mutts?" I say.

" Shh... do you want to get killed before the games?"

" What games... what world?" I say.

" Shut up!, their bringing the list out!." The girl looks longingly at the list.


Cleo De Nile

Whistera Isis

Sammy Whitford

Juliet Margorouski

Ruybe Glitter

Zia Ranchif

Poision Rivera

Khione Rivera

Sadie Qinten

Daphne Eawyht

Velma Rashid

Katara Manx

Isabella Magick

Sophie Mitch

Sapphire Ionesco

Cleopatra Spindrift

Girl favorites:








Rio De Janero

Carter Staff

Mitch Wilson

Zaphod Sands

Jake Wetherall

Max Ride

John Ride

Mason Foehaven

Anderson Iewonic

Justin Waverly

Caden Quicken

Osiris Seht

Kyushu Werthysd

Forestz Sende

Caplet Reed

Subway Yorke

Boy Favorites:








My eyes widened, what games?


Jake POV

I stand up and scream. I have found myself in a world.. of.. mutts... I knew this day would come...

but.. today? I was just getting ready to ask Khione out. I envy her now... human.

I sigh and walk on down the hall... to a place called " The Game-room." now what is that about.

Oh... and one more question.. do I have powers?

Poison POV

What is going on here? I am asked to take place in some child's game.

This must be a mutt. convention Khione's dweeb friend, Jake, is the head of.

I walk down to a rusty door that says, the game room. I walk in and see 31 kids looking at me.

Cleo POV

I roll my eyes at the new-comer. I turn invisible and go and shove her.

" Whaa?" I hear her say.

" Welcome to the Games." I whisper back.

Juliet POV

"Stop it." I groan to Cleo.

" Why?" she snaps.

" No-one wants to be in the games."

" Try me."

" I think I will, in the games."

I turn into a bird.. a phoenix, and shoot fire at her.


I take my wand and book of spells and shoot a spell " Birdus Unmimicus"

at Juliet and she falls to the ground. I smirk and turn to the teacher.

" Now, as you all know.. you will be able to practice your talent, why you are here, for two days, and then, you will be in the games.. only one girl and one boy may win."

A girl, newcomer says. " Like, dead?"

" Yes, idiot." I snap.

" What happens to the victors, then?" the girl says.

the teacher froze " you don't know?"

" No... sorry." said the girl.

" They live and get to be called, "true mutations".

Khione POV

I gulp and think... I don't even know my talent, how the flamey am I supposed to survive?