Khione Riviera POV:

I practice with Katara until I literally drop. I sigh, tomorrow, tomorrow the games will start.

Why must this happen. Why? Am I in an alternate universe? All these questions and more play themselves through my mind...

Poor Jake...

Him too, and this is the very thing that he hated.

I walk over to the drink table. I make the water flow out of the pitcher and into my cup. From the other side of the training area, Katara gives me a smile.

We we allie together in the arena.

Cleo De Nile POV:

I decide to go and bully Poison. She is busy making her namesake appear in a cup.


I turn invisible and go to investigate.

"Wanted to go to college." I hear her mutter.

I roll my eyes... she has to be a mortal.

Or maybe...

"BOO!" I jump out at her.

She shrieks and dumps the water. It has turned purple, like grape juice.

I smirk and find Carter.

"Want to be my ally?' I ask him.

"Mmmmhhmmm." he says back. I smile.

Juliet Margouski POV:

I train ferociously with fire. I see deals being made all over the place.

I am not going to ally. I'm planing to be a phoenix the whole time.

My mom was a fire mutt. she will be at home, watching me, I'm sure.

My dad was a hawk mutt. I will make him proud, too.

The first one to be killed by me will be Cleo.

Zia Rashid POV:

Magic is easy. I point my wand at the door and it explodes.

I go in. There is the trophy... whoops.. I run out and re lock the door.


Jake Wetherall POV:

I run super fast to where Khione is standing.

"Hey, Whats your talent." I whisper in her ear.

"Water." she replies, making the water flow out of her cup to show me.

"Guess your dad's Poseidon, then." I joke.

Khione pales.

"Maybe." she looks thoughtful.

"What about the games, eh?"I ask her.

"Please, let's not talk about that right now, please." Khione says.

Then we go to bed. The games start at 3:00 in the afternoon tomorrow.

Khione POV:

Something about my dad being Poseidon isn't really ludicrous.

If I win the games, I will find out the truth.