Title: Paraglasia
Summary: From the four corners of Paraglasia come four elements. Fire, water, earth, and air. Tyson, Prince of Fire, is almost at his breaking point. So he runs away, which of course, is forbidden, because mingling between the Kingdoms is outlawed. On his journey to who knows where, he meets Zephyr, an air-kingdom soldier, Terran, an earth-kingdom peasant, and Naida, an elusive water-kingdom Princess. Besides fighting the Darkness threatening to take over Paraglasia, they have to deal with being teenagers, too.
Rating: T
Warnings: None at the moment. May be slight language and things will be implied.

Hi, I'm Juliet, and I'll be your author for this fic. This idea has been brewing around for a long time. I decided to make it happen. I am new to writing original works, so please bear with me whilst I write this.

Tyson sat boredly in his room, looking out over the Fire Kingdom. The architecture was the most unique in Paraglasia, tall, winding towers with large stones making the walls up, and not solid brick like the Earth Kingdom, or the wispy fabric in the Air Kingdom. The color scheme was quite bland, lots of blacks and dark reds and oranges, but what did Tyson care? He learned all about the other Kingdoms in his Paraglasia, but of course, High Chancellor Karzoff didn't allow anyone to cross Kingdom borders.

He ran his fingers through his black curls, which was the standard hair type of the Fire Kingdom. Black, curly hair, and brown eyes. Of course, being the Prince, he has hazel eyes, something his father was disdainful of. His mother, the Queen, who died a long time ago, had hazel eyes. Some people questioned her of really being an Earth Kingdom inhabitant, but who knows.

"Ty!" A voice called out. He looked up, startled, and grinned when he saw his childhood friend, Keahi. His hair flopped in his eyes as he grinned at the taller male. "Your dad needs to see you." Keahi was one of Tyson's personal guards, given to him for companionship as a child. They grew closer, and now Keahi was one of the soldiers in the Fire King's army.

Of course, Tyson thought to himself. It was that time of year again. Every year on his birthday, his father brought in many beautiful girls from the Fire Kingdom, hoping that one of them would catch his eye. People in the Fire Kingdom were expected to marry young, and since today he turned sixteen years of age, he was considered a 'bachelor'. Any girl his age who hadn't married was dubbed an old maid and shunned by her peers until she found a suitable husband. Even then, people still treated her oddly.

"I'll be down in a minute," Tyson muttered, mostly to himself. He looked at his reflection in the mirror, and groaned. He looked so...dignified. Like his father. And that is not who he wanted to look like.

He put on his best silver and black tunic with black pants and black leather shoes, and made his way downstairs. Sure enough, about twenty pretty girls were sitting, each of them looking frighteningly alike. He grimaced to himself and tried to smile. His father was buying it, for he said, "This, my boy, is Safara. She's fourteen years old, and she loves to dance."

A girl with short, choppy black hair and wide brown eyes stepped out, looking both hopeful and in awe of the prestigious Fire Prince, standing in front of her. "Hi..." she mumbled, fidgeting with her red dress.

Tyson tried to smile kindly, but it came off as more of a sneer, "Hello, I'm Tyson."

"I know!" The girl said, obviously starstruck.

"Yes, yes..." Tyson said testily. "Next?"

The girl looked crushed and his father pulled him aside. "Son, what are you doing? This could be your last chance to marry!"

"Maybe I don't want to marry," Tyson very nearly spat out. "I'm not going to marry some girl I don't really like, and live with her the rest of my life. It's a waste of my time." His eyes hardened.

"You may fall in love with one of them!" His father protested, his large mustache quivering comically.

"Love is silly," Tyson glared. "Love dissolves as quickly as it is discovered. I don't believe in it."

His father, the King, sighed. "I can't believe you are her son. Anyway, at least try?"

"No!" Tyson shouted stubbornly, storming up to his room. "I refuse!"

"You are acting like a child!" The King bellowed. He cleared his throat and turned to the girls. "Excuse me, ladies," he said kindly, before running after his son.

Tyson slammed his door with a resounding BOOM, causing a tapestry hanging on his stone wall to fall to the ground. He looked around his circular room, and had the sudden urge to rip up the tapestry. It annoyed him to all ends, for some reason. He flopped on his bed and looked at the ceiling, and sighed to himself. He hated this. He hated being 'royal' but having no power. Wasn't that the point of being King someday? To have power? But, no, High Councellor Karzoff ran everything in Paraglasia. Tyson had heard some rumors, and they seemed to be true. How could a nice person have such harsh rule over the four Kingdoms?

He glanced out of his window, and his thoughts wondered to what was out there. Would there be girls without black hair and brown eyes? He knew that somewhere, people had blue eyes, or green eyes, and even yellow hair! Or red hair, or brown...the possibilities. Oh, how he longed for that! To look different from everyone else. Tyson would never admit it, but he hated how he looked...so average, and boring.

A knock on the door brought him forth from his thoughts. "Son, open up," his father said gruffly.

"Leave me alone," Tyson grunted.

A sigh. "Fine..." And then the sound of footsteps, going away from his door.

He was struck with inspiration. He looked in hiswardrobe, finding an old rucksack of his. He tossed in some clothes and other nescessities, and grinned to himself as he looked out of his window, not out, but down. Tyson saw the downward descent of the stones, knowing that the tower was about fifty feet tall. He had scaled it before, he could do it again. He smiled to himself as he hopped out of the window, grabbing the well-known footholds and handholds and slowly making his way down the tower.

Once reaching the bottom, he was faced with a new problem: sneaking out of the Kingdom. That was a problem in itself, with the guards patroling the borders. But, maybe, with sheer luck...

He knew where Keahi was 'guarding', even though there was nothing to guard from. Tyson crept quietly through the sparse trees, most of the trunks scorched with burn marks. He grimaced as he saw Keahi, and said, "Psst!"

His best friend turned quickly, and gaped when he saw Tyson. "Ty!" He whispered. "I thought you weren't going to do this anymore!"

"I need you to sneak me across the border," Tyson said urgently.

"I can't do that! I could lose my job..." Keahi gulped, "Or my head."

"I know, but this is different," Tyson rolled his eyes. "I need this."

Keahi sighed, and moved slightly to the left. "Go ahead," he murmurred. Tyson took one big step and crossed into the Air Kingdom, looking back at his friend, waving slightly in the distance.

Here I go, Tyson thought. Prepare for the worst.

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In the Earth Kingdom, Terran struggles with her stepfamily. She has a hard time at the small, pathetic school, too. The Earth Kingdom is the poorest Kingdom, after all.