Davis and Patch stood side by side while watching the wounded zombies converge on the redneck hunters. Richard sat a short distance from them. His face blanched, but he retained a weak smile. He would soon be one of them. Which, as his friends pointed out, might be kind of cool.

"Think we could salvage any of these guys?" Patch asked Davis. "Rich might need a horde to live with once he's turned over."

Davis agreed, but wasn't sure about these poor creatures since they were so wild and riddled with holes: "They might not be so nice anymore."

Patch scanned the roadside, then pointed out an almost-naked girl clutching onto some strange lump. She looked like she'd missed getting shot, and rather than swarming the meat or attacking, she appeared focused on something else. Lost, Patch thought.

"What about that one?" said Patch. She approached the zombie girl with caution, instantly marveling at the creature up close. "It's got a baby," she gasped. To the zombie girl, she said, "How does rehabilitation sound?"

Patch thought the zombie replied with suspicion. But really, it was probably a misinterpreted look of hunger.