Made: Friday, August 26, 2011

Time: 9:56a.m.

I find myself in a deep slumber
With red blood coating my hands
I find myself in a deep slumber
Waking up in Wonderland

I do not ask about the memoirs
That have disappeared to lore
With everything that I've forgotten
I have nothing anymore

A caterpillar on a leaf
Is telling me I need relief
Distracted by a butterfly
When I return, he's sadly died

This Wonderland of mysteries
Telling secrets I can't keep
This Wonderland of mysteries
Only found as I went to sleep

In the mirror a ghostly grin
Just one blink and it's gone again
Screams of despair fill up my mind
As the Cheshire's nowhere to find

This world is mad—I'm going mad
I did not commit the crime they say
Just who is this girl in the mirror
I will not fall for the tricks they play

A wonderfully bloody Wonderland
I want out as soon as I can
A wonderfully bloody Wonderland
Blood will not wash from my hands

Empty teacups—drink me down
The evil Queen will chase me down
The Mad Hatter's worse off than me
Would you like a cup of tea?

Finally I see the light
The creatures here bow down to me
My headless corpse is sad now
I thought that I would be free

Wonderland, I am your queen
Alice hasn't come here yet
Wonderland, I am your queen
I cut off my own head