A day in an unstable mind

You open your eyes, but they were never closed. Finding yourself standing just outside of the walls of your house. You're standing in the street. Behind you is a blue truck, that you were just in moments ago, you don't know how to drive so you step away from it.

You look down the empty sand street, there is no one in the world, you know that because the street feels empty, and you feel the emptiness inside.

You start walking down the street, without a destination in mind. For some reason you're stopped beside your neighbor's house. The door swings open, a weird looking old woman comes rushing out, she isn't your neighbor.

You step away in fear but she is quick. She grabs your arms shaking you slightly, talking gibberish. You stare at her with eyes that are widened. Her eyes are somewhere in the back of her head, her clothing doesn't make sense, and her hair is gray and matted.

She pinches you as she speaks, suddenly her tongue hangs out of her mouth, as it struggles to pronounce an "L". It hangs lower and lower, until it falls out of her mouth, landing like a long red fillet on her chest. She releases your shoulders, to put the meat back into her mouth. That's when you start running away, and never look back.

A large white face, one red eye one black, the black eyes is crying blood. Another face, similar features. They're staring at you, watching you, red blood tears, around their eyes.

The faces disappear, you realize you reached the end of the street, the perpendicular road is ahead of you. Sprawled across it, motionless, is a group of people. Their clothes are all different colors. Suddenly you realize, that they are all on fire. You stare at them in shock for a second, and then hurry towards the nearest one to you. You kneel next to him, wondering what to do. You attempt to put out the fire, but then you notice that the fire isn't hot, as if it were an illusion.

In shock you stand back, and the fire goes out, more people come to help the others up. As they slowly rise to their feet, you run away.

You open your eyes, however they were never closed. You're sitting in the blue truck, back where you first started. You still don't know how to drive, but without hesitation you start driving. You speed past your neighbor's house, then swerve around the next corner. without slowing down, you whiz by the bodies, then turn again before you hit a metal fence.

It was day, but it is night ahead of you. You continue driving forward. Suddenly there is a large group of people ahead of you. They are partying. You can't slow down, because you don't know how to drive. The people don't notice you, they don't make an effort to move.

There is only a small space of the road left between two groups of people, you swerve, the tires let out a screech, the truck flips over, crushing a few people.

You are out of the truck, the truck is gone. You're standing with the groups of partying people. You're all in front of a shop, that was never there before. The shop sells liquid madness, in vials. You stare in awe at the glowing liquid, in the laughing boy's hand.

You watch the purple as is it swirls, and mixes with blue, and green and yellow and orange. You watch the abstract colors as they transform into different designs. The next thing you know is that boy is forcing your mouth open, and pouring the purple potion down your throat.

You open your eyes, but they weren't closed. You are in the blue truck, speeding down the street, by the metal fence. You see the partying people at the next corner. This time you make no effort to slow down, in fact you speed up, heading straight for the group. The people notice your quick approach this time, and frightfully start running in different directions.

You swerve quickly, in a determined attempt.. to kill the people who just killed you.

The truck jumps onto the sidewalk, then onto the laughing boy, wearing black and white. The man next to him, also falling under your wheels as the truck struggles to regain balance, and not flip.

You open your eyes, and realize you were sleeping. You sit up in bed, trying to remember what crazy dream has you covered in sweat. You come to realize, that you're sweating because there is no electricity this morning, and in turn no AC on this hot summer day.

You dazedly let your legs hang off the side of your bed, rubbing you eyes and yawning. However just as you jump off the edge of the bed you realize, there is no ground under you, no walls, just a large black hole of endlessness in which you fall. You realize that there is no dream, it is simply, just another day, in your unstable mind.


A\N: I based this story on a dream I had last night, and I felt like typing it. And No, I'm not crazy, at least not most of the time XP. Sorry about the shortness, hope you enjoyed the story nonetheless.

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