The year is 2014 and you are in your last year at Western. You are now living in a small one bedroom apartment with your pure white cat, his name is Moby. You are done with most of your required classes but you are taking a few music credits this quarter. You decide that you might as well have some fun this quarter and your old roommate convinced you to audition for the opera. You were phenomenal,and you landed the lead role. The opera is Roméo et Juliette , You are the role of Juliette of course.

It is the first rehearsal and you are at a cast mixer, mingling with the rest of the cast. Suddenly you glance over at the punch bowl and see a really gorgeous guy. You admire his profile of dark shaggy hair and brilliant green eyes, he looks kind and happy and is about 6 foot 1. He is chatting animatedly to a short adorable boy in his late teens. The taller boy suddenly feels you looking and glances your way, and just as you turn your head embarrassed, he flashes you a huge white smile, and starts to walk toward you. As he walks you take a peek at his front, He is wearing a blue plaid button up shirt that is unbuttoned revealing a fitted gray t-shirt that is just tight enough to see his lovely abs, he has broad shoulders and a strong chin. He walks with a quiet confidence. He finally reaches you and flashes that dazzling smile and introduces himself.

"Hi! I'm Benjamin" he smiles again "Your Alexandra..right?" "I saw your audition, I have never seen anyone have so much emotion in their singing." You smile and blush, embarrassed at his compliment. "It's Alex actually, and thank you. Um which role are you going to be playing?" He laughs, " Oh sorry, I'm playing Romeo. I'm really excited to be working so close to you." He steps a bit closer as he says it and flashes the irresistible smile again. You gaze back at him dazed by what he said then suddenly jump back into reality and stutter "I think I'll just go get some punch"

You feel like your heart is moving at three million miles an hour as you attempt to casually walk to the punch bowl. You reach the punch bowl, and as you try to sort your thoughts out, you hear someone breathing behind you. You quickly turn and jump a bit at the sight of Benjamin standing very close to you. " Im sorry I didn't mean to startle you I just...well I don't know exactly what I was doing...I'm sorry"... " Well its just... you are stunning" you giggle and blush and think to yourself " its funny that you would say that... I was just thinking the same about you." and you blush again. He smiles a quirky little half smile "I know we just met but do you maybe want to go get a frozen yogurt or something?" The first thing your brain is saying is to say yes don't hesitate, but you wait a moment so that you don't sound too eager and realize that he definitely wants you why not have fun with it. You say "Well i'm actually pretty full from the punch, perhaps another time?" He stares back at you a little shocked, as though he has never been rejected before. "Oh well, yeah sure, another time would be great." You smile and say you'll see him at rehearsal tomorrow and that it was nice to meet him, and walk out the door before you can change your mind. Later that night you think about what you said, astounded that your plan may have work. You fall asleep thinking about what you could do to keep him interested.

The next day at rehearsal you are sitting in the audience reading your script waiting for your turn to get upon stage when you notice Benjamin obviously staring at you. You pretend to ignore him and go back to your script. You try not to look but you can't help glancing at him. He looks embarrassed that you caught him staring and he immediately looks the other way. When he finally looks back at you, you smile. He seems to have gained some courage and walks over to says " i know you didn't want to yesterday, but do you want to get some coffee after rehearsal?"You smirk knowing you plan is working. He looks confused by your expression." Are you laughing at me? Do you have a boyfriend! You totally have a boyfriend! Shit, well now I look like an idiot!" You interrupt him, "No, no. Thats not it, I'd love to get some coffee, just calm down for a minute." He smiles, "Oh good,how does seven sound?" You nod "great i'll meet you at the student book store!" He quickly turns and walks away, as you watch him go, you think you see him pull his fist back toward his side in an excited motion, and you can picture his face as he says "YES!"