Waking up to my cell phone ringing off the hook is never fun, even worse? Waking up and not knowing who is next to me.
Who's this boy? I thought to myself. I didn't sleep with him did I? No, I'd remember that, right? Great, I lost my virginity at my best friends party. That's just awesome.

I smacked my head, and checked my phone for who called. Just one of my brothers. I listened to the voice mail, it was my mom, yelling into the phone to call her. She knows where I am. I don't get her, if she were really worried, she'd come knocking on Ami's door!

Your probably wondering why I'm not panicking about the boy who was asleep next to me. Well I was a little confused, but I'm not a dramatic person, if it happened, then there is nothing I can do but pretend it didn't, right? I just pray we used a condom, if anything did happen.

I walked into the bathroom, I remember this room well, I've been in it many times. It's my best friends brother's room, Danny. We used to play video games together here, before he went to college. I had the biggest crush on him, but he's a tiny bit old for me. I'm only 15, Danny's 19. Nothing could ever happen between us, even if he had mutual feelings for me.

As for the boy in bed, I believe he's in my math class, I think his name is Oliver. He's in that whole emo drop out group. He actually almost never shows up for class, but the reason I remember him is because he showed up once, and it looked like he got in a bad fight with someone. Enough of him, I still need to think of what I'm going to do when I get home.

I got in the shower, this is the first time I've been in his bathroom. Thankfully he had the master bedroom, so I didn't have to leave the room.
I already know what my mothers going to say when I get home, "Honey Ann Green! I told you to call at 12:00! How dare you disobey me! What do you think you father would say if he found out? Blah blah blah blah." It's always the same, because I'm the only girl, I can't get away with anything. I have two older brothers, they're twins. Aaron and Alex. They got normal names, unlike me, I have a 'unique' name, Honey. My two older brothers get away with everything, they can bring girl's into their rooms all they want, but if I so much as asked to bring a guy into the house, I get grounded. If one of them gets bad grades? They both get a new car. Me? If I get bad grades, I can't get my permit.

All this talk about my family is bumming me out. Plus I still have to get ready for the day. I put a towel around me, and snuck into my best friend, Ami's room. It's right across the hall. I closed the door behind me and picked out an outfit out of her closet. Half of her clothes are mine anyways, so I'm sure she wouldn't mind, since we practically share a closet, seeing as how I'm never at home.

I picked out a pair of short shorts, and a cute dressy shirt, it was purple and had no sleeves. Then I went and blow dried and straightened my hair. My hair is naturally brown, but I dyed it blond, it looks a lot better then brown, but sometimes I miss my old hair. It was so soft. My ex boyfriend used to always play with it. Now my hair is sort of dead, you can't tell unless it's wet though. I put on my white sandals that I left here last week, and walked into the kitchen.
There was Ami and Oliver, the boy from the bed? Ami's hair was still messy from sleep, her hair is always so beautiful, even when it's not brushed. It's died black, or a very dark brown. But still, it's not even dead, not at all. I was always jealous of her hair. If I could, I'd have her hair, but my hair cut, because short hair never looks good on me. I've always kept it long, almost down to my butt.

Oliver's eyeliner was smeared a little bit, from sleeping with it on. It reminded me that I should do my makeup soon, because it all came off in the shower.
"Honey! I want you to meet my boyfriend! We started going out last night." Ami said with her cheeky smile. That smile I loved. But, wait, this is Ami's boyfriend? Should I tell her about this morning?

"We've already met." I said, hoping she caught my drift.

"When?" She asked. Great I have to explain now.

"This morning, you're brother's bed." I said, waiting for her to scream at the both of us. I've prepared myself in the last few seconds. A few years ago, I learned the hard way, that secrets can't make friends, or keep them.

"What?" They both said at the same time with confused looks.

"Wait, so your Honey? Ami, you said she was hard core or whatever, she just looks like a prep." He said with a funny look on his face, like he thought something was funny, but he was also a little mad.

"She's hard core in the heart, she doesn't look it, but trust me, she is." She said with her, one of a kind laugh. It's a laugh with a snort at the end. She never snorts in the middle of her laugh, it's always just at the very end.

"Wait so you don't care? For all you know we had sex" I said. I know, I'm really honest, but she's told me that that's what she loves about me, because she can trust my advise on anything because of that.

"Oliver wouldn't do that, trust me hun, I've known him for two months, and I've known you forever, and I know your not the sort of person who would do it on the spot like that." She said with a trusting smile, this girl knows me to well.

"What do you mean?" Oliver asked.

"Well, it took her a whole year to work up the nerve to kiss her boyfriend, so pretty much she's a prude." She said and had a big smile on her face. Cunning.
"Ex boyfriend!" I corrected her. I tried to copy her evil little smile, but I couldn't so I covered it up with my unoriginal laugh.

"And you know, some things are personal!" I said trying to sound as angry as possible.

"Hey! We're all friends here right?" She said looking at the both of us. That evil little smile still across her face.

"Yeah, whatever, I have to get home, my mom called me from my brother's phone almost a billion times now." I said with a worried look on my face.
"Do you want me to come with you?" She asked with an even more terrified look.

She knows about my situation. Oh that's right, you don't know. When ever me and my mom get into fights, it usually gets bad, like fist fighting bad, we've had to have the cops called on us a few times. But lately her boy friend, Rickey, has been preventing those fights from happening. He's a good guy, actually he's a great guy. He helped buy both my brothers a car, each. He makes sure my mother isn't doing anything too drastic. And he helped me out with my home work whenever I needed it.

"No it's fine, my step dad's home, so I don't have anything to worry about." I said, still wondering if anything happened last night. Seeing as how the last thing I remember was flirting with total strangers from the party, I wouldn't doubt if anything happened. Uhg I'm such a light weight! I only had two beer.
Let's hope my mom's not too mad.

I got road home in a taxi, seeing as how no one had a license at Ami's house. Honestly I didn't have to, I could have walked, but lately, I've been getting lazy. Not only that, I'm always partying at Ami's house, and her parents let everyone drink, I hope I don't get fat. That would be bad, not that I care much what I look like, but it'd be pretty hard for me to run track.

When school starts, I plan on joining the track team. I should get my psychical tomorrow, since summer is almost over. Then I can try out. I've been told by plenty of people in middle school, I should join, but I never had the grades to do it. So I didn't bother. But now I have my step dad helping me with home work, so I think I'll do it. Plus, high school wouldn't be fun without joining a team of some sort.

"We're here, miss." The driver said. Why is he calling me miss? How old do I look, 40? There is no way he just called me miss.
"Riiight, so how much do I owe you?" I asked in the most awkward way ever, just to make things terrifyingly awkward.
"20$" He said with a smirk, he knew what I was doing.

"Here." I handed him the money, and walked in.

I anticipated the moment of walking into that house and being yelled at. I took slow baby steps. Almost barley moving. I even turned and waved good-bye to the taxi driver, as he drove away, just to stall a little more. I finally go to the front door, I took a breath in and out. I had to prepare myself. I twisted the door knob slowly, actually too slowly. I opened the door a smidge. I moved my face to the crack in the door, I looked in. No one was there. I guess today's my lucky day, I'll just walk in my room, and act like nothing happened.

"Honey?" I heard a voice say. It scarred the living day lights out of me. It even made me jump. I slowly turned my head around hoping it wasn't my mother. Thankfully, it wasn't. It was my two older brothers. Aaron had a girl with him, as always.

"Don't do that! I thought you were mom!" I yelled at the two of them, pretending I didn't notice the girl. She's pretty, but from the way she's dressed, if someone told me Aaron picked her up from a strip club, I'd believe them 100%.

"You know mom's real pissed." Aaron said. He's such a bully! Alex has always been my favorite brother.
"You should have called her. Don't worry though, Dad and her went food shopping." Alex said, while walking past me. I knew there was a reason for him being my favorite!

"Thanks." I said while glancing at the girl who was walking into my house, she even smells like a stripper. If you're wondering, I've smelt one before, it's not pleasant.

"So, Aaron, where did you pick her up from? A strip club?" I asked. I wasn't the only one who thought it was funny, Alex did to. He's always agreed with me about Aaron's taste in girls.

"Excuse me? But you're one to talk, aren't you that girl who got caught buying weed with sex at school?" She said with a smirk.
Aaron looked a bit angry. I couldn't tell if it was at me or his girlfriend.
"Actually, that story was completely contorted, she didn't sell her body for it, she only kissed him, and it was her boyfriend." Alex said. The girl looked defeated.

"You know, I've been having second thoughts about you. Lets brake up." Aaron said. Pushing her out of the door. Slamming it in her face. I guess he still has a heart, sort of.

"Gosh, why can't you ever keep you're mouth shut when I bring a girl home? I haven't done it in months because of you." He said glaring me down.

"Gosh, why can't you bring decent girls home. Your lucky I did that, you would have gotten an Std if I didn't." I said teasingly. While I walked up to my room.

"You need to date good girls, like Alex's girlfriend, Ash! She's so nice, and she never smells like a stripper." I said with a cheeky smile, and walked into my room.

I heard my mom's car pull up. I looked out of the window, she looked happy getting out of the car. Right before my mom and step dad got to the door, Aaron started throwing a fit. I heard a glass break, it sounded like he was on the phone. I hate it when he does that. So does my mom. Hopefully this makes her forget about me not calling.

"Aaron, if your going to do that, take it out side. We go you a punching bag for a reason, go put it to use!" I heard my step dad yell. He yells a lot. But it never sounds angry, it's calming. Its not intimidating or angry. And it never fails either. We always listen to him when he yells like that. No wonder the parents were bagging him not to go when he quite teaching at the elementary school.

My mom walked straight into my room. I was laying on my bed. She came and sat down next to me. Looks like she's not up for fighting either.
"Why didn't you call me last night, I told you to call me at 12." She said. Not looking at me.
"I was watching a movie and then I fell asleep. It's not my fault." My lie was legit. My mom knows that I'm going to lie. So there's really no reason for me to make up such a legit lie.

"Can you just tell me the truth for once." She asked, looking exhausted.

"Fine, I was at the beach and dropped my phone in the water, then a shark ate it, and I had to wait till morning for him to poop it out, I'm so sorry." I said sarcastically. My first lie was believable, so why can't she just play along.

"Uhhg! That's it. I didn't raise you to be such an ungrateful bitch! I do, and do for you, and all I ask is for you to pay me back a little, by calling me at 12! And you can't even do that!" My mom said, while sobbing.

"Actually mom, you did raise me like that." I said, regretting it right after. My mom picked up my picture frame, it had a picture of my mom, my two brothers, my real dad, and me. That picture was the last time I saw my real dad, before he died.

She threw the picture at me, but it hit the wall behind me. The glass broke off and cut my cheek. I'm guessing my step dad and brothers heard. They all rushed into my room. By then my mom was on top of me punch me in the face. Of course she's 30 pounds heavier then me. So I can't just push her off of me.
Alex and Aaron grabbed her off of me. She had hands full of my hair that they had to pry out of her hands. This is exactly what I need, another fight. I honestly don't know why I don't go and live with Ami. Now that her brothers gone, she has the extra room.

"What's wrong with you! Why don't we put her in the hospital already!" I yelled at the top of my lounges. Sometimes, I think this family would be perfect without me here. I don't know what I did to make my mother hate me.

My brothers dragged her out of the room. My step dad came over and sat on the bed next to sobbing me.

"It'll be fine. Your brothers and me are here for you. You don't have to worry." He whispered over and over again in my ear, while he hugged me. This is why I call him my step dad, because even thought he's just my mom's boyfriend, he acts like he's our dad. Though no one can replace my real dad, he's still in my heart, right next to him.

That night my mom came in my room, with my brothers next to her. She looks like she had been crying for hours. And when she saw my black eye, and cut up face, she started to tear up.

"I'm so sorry about earlier today. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't forgive me." She said looking down. Times like these make me feel like the older person for some reason.

"It's whatever. I don't mind. Besides my face doesn't even hurt." I said trying not to cry. My brothers walked out of the room, guessing it's safe to give us alone time.

We hugged it out, and ended up falling asleep in my bed. Our faces still stained with our tears. It stung. But it was a bitter sweat sting, that I was okay with. Like me and my mom's relationship. Ironic.

The next day, I woke up to my favorite breakfast as usual. She always does this the day after our fights. I ate, took a shower and tried to cover up my battle scares from yesterday. Unfortunately it didn't help at all. I put my eye liner on. Did my hair, and picked out an outfit. A pair of short shorts, a white belt, and a white shirt that said "teach me how to dougie" and threw on my white sandals. I had my brother Arron drop me off at Ami's when I was done brushing my teeth.

"What happened to your face?" Oliver asked when Ami answered the door. I forgot about him. I'm guessing they had a way funner night then me.
"I called you a thousand times. I was so worried when you didn't answer! It looks like your brothers broke it up early this time?" Ami assumed. She probably already guessed what happened in her head.

"Yeah. Think I can crash here for a few days." I asked. Forgetting Oliver was even in the door way.

"Yes! You'll have to sleep in Danny's room, oh by the way, he's back! So it will be just like old times. You guys having another slumber party." Ami always wanted me and Danny to get together. She would invite me over and then make me sleep in his room all the time.

The only problem is, I still don't know what happened the night of the party between me and Oliver. I should ask him soon.

"Thanks that'd be great, and when did Danny get back?" I asked.

"Last night, he's just visiting for the last week of summer, since he has college soon, he didn't want to spend his last week of summer in his apartment." She explained. Danny walked down the stares and when he saw me his yawn turned into a big cheeky smile.

"You!" Is all that came out of his mouth, as he pushed past Oliver and Ami to give his old Pal, me, a big welcoming hug.

"So how'd you get the shiner? Let me guess you and your mom?" Danny said. He's still the same, making everything into a joke.

"Yep. Want to go play video games to take my mind off it?" I asked.

"Sure, maybe later though, I have to study." He said. Walking back into his room, by then I was already in their house. Bummer. About him having to study, not me being in the house. Ami got in the shower. So I guess it's just me and Oliver. Perfect timing.

"Hey, I got a question." I said almost glaring at him.

"Shoot." He said while winking at me.

"So, do you remember what we did at Ami's party? Because I don't, and I just want to clear everything up, you know?" I rambled. I ramble when I'm nervous.
"Yeah, we had sex." He put it bluntly, shocker.

"Are you serious?" I asked in unbelief.

"Nope." He said with a smirk.

"Oh. Wait- what?" I'm confused.

"Maybe." He laughed.

"Did we or not!" I yelled.

"Maybe." He said. He thinks this is historical.

"Oh my gosh, why do I even bother!" I yelled and walked into the living room, letting my body fall onto the couch. I flipped through the channels, annoyed.

Great, now the only thing that's going to be on my mind for the whole week is what happened in that bed!

A/N: I hope you guy's like my remake of Story Of A Rose. This one (I promise) wont be as random as the original. I really couldn't keep up with what I was writing. Way too many characters to keep track of, and I couldn't stick to the plot for the life of me. It just kept changing and blah blah blah. So hopefully you guys enjoy this one so much more.