Who are we to question you God?

The unseen, the unknown, Almighty Lord?

Who are we to doubt if you exist

While you're carrying us so gently in your fist?

Who are we to say innocents are dead?

I choose to have full faith in you instead.

Who are we to even judge someone as guilty or innocent?

We don't know how every second of their lives were spent.

And how do we know you're not calling them to Heaven

Earlier because they were so good and you really love them?

Who are we to wage ugly religious wars?

We're ignorant of how universal you are.

For me, it's the same God in different names.

When they force-feed religions, it's such a shame!

Who are we to take credit for the good?

We're all just working for you, like we should.

Who are we to blame you for all that's bad?

To think that your heart is cold and iron-clad?

We are fools, God, every one of us.

We're diving ourselves into race and class.

Not realizing who we really are-

All children of God, the Holy Father.

Forgive us for our thousand sins,

For all those times when we gave in,

To the evil that's called non-believing.

I got rid of it, thanks to your blessing.

Who are we to question what we don't understand?

Who are we doubt whether you're holding our hand?

Who are we to question you, oh God?

The unseen, the unknown, Almighty Lord?