Old Man Jack

He stands outside alone and cold,

The moon is shining down on him.

He gazes up at stars of old,

The lights in his eyes begin to dim

As the tears fall slowly down his face,

Leaving tracks upon his freezing skin,

He feels her touch, her hand through lace,

And can almost hear her laughing din.

She grabs a hat down from the hook

and places it upon his head.

And next, a scarf to make him look

as clever as a man well-read.

The crunch of snow around his feet

As she runs in circles round his waist.

He tries to catch her - a hard feat,

And she gleefully runs inside with haste.

She waves at him from behind the glass,

He wishes he could just wave back.

Just make his little, bonnie lass,

Smile at him, old man Jack.

And with that picture in his mind,

He disappears for another day,

And the little girl will wake to find

Her garden green before the brae.