Written by dancingforever.

I turned around once, looking at the crazy, crazy girl who sat behind me.

She looked up and smiled at me slightly.

She was so beautiful, in that Hannahish way.

There was no way that she was the prettiest girl in the school, but she was one of the only that didn't have to make-up or dye her hair.

I laughed slightly, realizing how in love I was with her.

She turned slightly, looking at the guy beside her and blushed.

The boy wrapped his arm around her and I looked down. What was this?

She walked up to me after class and smiled up at me, "Hey Blayne." She said happily.

The boy walked over and took her hand, my heart started to ache and my eyes started to glaze.

"What's wrong Blayne?" She said in her innocently loud voice.

I felt jealousy, then anger. Then both.

"Just that you...are one of the most annoying people I've ever seen." I spat out, walking to the next class.

I tried to ignore the sound of her tears and her boyfriend comforting her.

Oh jealousy, what you've done to me.

That's it for now, but we may write some more. Who knows. So keep an eye out.