First Impressions

The first time I saw you

The back of your head- I mean

Did not shock me

I rolled my eyes at this pathetic

Introduction, said:

Hello, nice to meet you too.

What happened to your face?

No response

But the ruthless tap- tap- TAPPING

Never ceased and I had to name you

Chi- chi- chi- Chia!

The way your hair grew so softly

Sprouting upwards.

I left you alone

To wallow in my ambivalence

Fish Sticks

I am sitting on a grungy couch

Parched and jaded as

My despondent Army friend

Rolls a blunt on his poker table

And his fat insurance friend,

Whose spiky blond hair erupts

from his head like dead grass,

blows clouds of smoke

into my face and stares greedily

asking if I eat fish sticks to which I reply-


Not even for money? He's fishing for conversation.

Chi- chi- chi- Chia! erupts

From his room, striding towards me

A man now, six feet tall

His Brillo pad hair tousled

Black coffee eyes drink me in

Lazily. The bastard

Has the nerve to smile over me

And speak to me like a god

"Want a glass of water?"

I am never satisfied

The altruistic offering

Sloshes in my hand and spills

On my jeans and I thank him

For the dirty glass of lukewarm water.

The Chia God sits beside me,

The couch swallowing us both

Pushing us closer. Fish Stick

Breathes on me again and I roll

My eyes back on him like

Their weight will crush the impertinence out of him

But he just chuckles and his fat

Rolls with the waves of laughter

Like a kite in the wind

and for a moment I forget

why I exist.

Whats in a Name?

On the couch

Chia God revealed his name

Like he was cutting a red ribbon

A grand opening to his personality

With only one attendee. Handing me a ticket

Free admittance to another small world

He whispered quietly in my ear

And I was pleased to know it

I held it in my mouth like a hard candy

I hadn't tasted the flavor of before

Rolling it over and over on my tongue

Knocking hard against my teeth like my own

Private symphony