I am the outcast

Invisibleto all of you

I am glass


So easily broken


Each time you walk by it is as if you cannot see me

Each and every one of you just walking by

Not even caring to look deeper

If you even look at me you would see mesmile

You think

She's happy

Because nobody smiles when they aren't happy



Would looking even help

But what ifyou did look

Would you see it?

Not in my smile

But in my eyes

The deep pain that comes

From being glass

I have been broken

And been put back together

Countless times

Each breaking

The pieces of my being

Get smaller and harder to place

I am lost

The world is a jungle

And is so hard to guide

They are thepredators

Out to destroy the soft

And silent


I am defenseless against

My attacker

They tear me to shreds

Ripping out my heart

These people feast on my pain

They leave me on the ground


It tortures me more

Than if they had just

Let me die

I am empty

As I watch all of you

I crawl deeper and deeper

Into theempty space

That is growing in my heart

And in my soul

You do not seethe empty space

You do not see


What would you do

If you knew about being empty

Have ever even known

The pain

The sorrow

The hurt

That you inflict upon

Your victims

Can't you see thatI am loosing


And more

I'm emptying out all of


So there is nothing left

For you to


I am forgotten

The person nobody


When it come down to

Important things

Who is she?

Do you know her?

Only for the past six years!

All of you forgetmy face

And toss me out of your


It is almost as if

You don't want to


There are some that my past

Collides with

I know

Those people wish I could forget

That we were ever


If only to save themselves from


Because they've already

Forgotten the me

I shared

With them

It's from people like this

The most hurt comes

Because they don't care anymore

Because they chose to leave me


I am falling behind

The people I know race on

Ahead of me until

I am alone

It is almost like we are running

In different directions

These people change and run


I stay the same

I'm missing the mark

I'm constantly being left

Far behind the pack

Without a second look back

Everyone around me grows up

Far too fast

I am the outcast

Invisible to all of you