She's speeding towards her own disaster
Slammed her foot down to the floor
Pushing herself to speed along even faster
Much faster than she's ever gone before.

Inside her brain, her thoughts are racing
Inside her eyes the tears, they loom
She's the victim of another disgracing
And now she's heading towards her doom…

The world goes by but it's a blur
She sees nothing but what lies ahead
Her escape is up there, of this she is sure…
At this rate she'll wind up dead.

She was hoping that when she left him
He'd chase her down and say it'd be alright
But it appears that chasing was not his whim
So she's running away from her plight

As fast as she can without any remorse
If she slams into a barricade or a wall
Because her happiness came first, of course…
But only after his own beck and call.

She closes her eyes to think of his behavior
Reflects back on trying to fight for his attention
Forgetting to beg for help from her savior
Letting the insanity receive another extension.

And suddenly the world jostles and sets still
A loud metallic crashing erupting through her ears
Then followed by the abrupt inability to feel…
So ended a tale of twenty-three years.

The people, they gather around the flaming mess
Try to pull her out but it's much too late
Couldn't save her from her own wicked distress
And his ignorance simply sealed her fate.

They'll lay her to rest on satin white sheets
The same color white that confessed her surrender
Put her bed in the ground to seal her defeat
And hope that someday, nobody ever remembers

That blasted fiery crash that took her away
That sent her spiraling straight to the grave
They'll look down at her tombstone in dismay
Saying, "She was the one we just couldn't save."

But suddenly she opens again her eyes
She's sitting in a parking lot all alone
Terrified herself so that she sits there and cries
Convinced that to herself, her future has been shown.

Looks down at the phone upon her lap
Finding a message from him lying there
Begging that she escapes from this snap
Pleading that she knows how much he cares…

She takes her phone and replies that she can't go on
She's had too much and it's time to let go
Tried her best to be but she couldn't be strong
And now it's time that she let him know

About all the misery he had caused in the past
That literally tried to drive her to her death
She'd given him chances, but that was his last
Her patience had far exceeded its breadth.

An earth-shattering realization for the two
Tore their worlds from one another apart
There is no room for another "I love you"
Inside of her broken heart.