Hey, what's up you guys? So this is my first post on this wicked website so, you know, be gentle. Or criticize to heart's content. I don't care as long as you tell me what you think!
This is a rough draft and the first story that I have written that I actually used background research on. So tell me what you think or complain about the clichés!

PS...If you have already read this story on the Romance link I switched it because of how the plot has now reformed into a more Supernatural setting. kk XD


I am currently lying in the middle of an alley with seven bullets in my chest which tore through my favorite jacket, god damn it, and the only thing I could think of right now is that when I get back up I'm going to kill that bitch who said my outfit was tacky and clichéd. I mean, sure, I'm wearing a black leather corset with skin tight leather pants, eight inch heels and am practically painted in black lipstick and eye-shadow, but it's Halloween for God's sake!

So I'm thinking you need some explanations for right now to tide you over until I get up.

I'm a Vampyr, a 'creation' as we're called. Vampyrs are the loyal subjects of the Varacolaci. The oldest, purest and most powerful of the Vampyr world.

What the hell am I doing lying in the middle of an alley with a bullet riddled body and thinking of ways to kill the bitch who shot me, you may ask. Well here it is.

I'm a seventeen year old assassin who was paid to kill the Vice President of the United States.


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