There once was a cow named sparkle. She was named sparkle because in the sunshine she sparkled with green sparkles and then at night, she sparkled with pink sparkles. One day, Sparkles was walking down the road, blinding all the poor people trying to find her duck named Albert. Albert was the ugly duckling in his family, which is why his name was Albert and not Tiny, or Twinkle, or Shiny. Sparkles and Albert had become best friends after realizing that they both were very different.

So Sparkles made her way down to the pond where she found Albert sleeping. She walked over to him "MOOO!" she cried waking Albert up. Albert fell into the pond with a Kerplunk. "QUACK QUACK" Albert called. He wasnt happy that Sparkles made him fall into the pond and then he had to look at her bright green sparkles. "MOO" Sparkles said and then started walking the other direction. Albert followed. They walked and they walked, Sparkles blinding poor people until they came to a trampoline under a tree. "MOO" sparkles said.

Albert quickly climbed up on Sparkle's back and hopped onto the trampoline. Sparkles made a running jump and flew on to the trampoline SO hard that it made Albert fly up into space and Sparkles cried because he best friend was then gone forever. The. End.