I move around almost every month-kind of like a girl's period. Sometimes I stay longer than others and sometimes it's pleasantly short.

To be honest I like moving around all the time. I've also developed a carefree attitude about it all.

It's relatively the same at each school yet till surprisingly refreshing. It's the scenery and locations that I like. The people I hate though.

While I come off as this stick up princess who thinks she's better than everyone. I don't date and I don't talk to anyone who tries to talk to me. I have to speak to you first.

You see after all the douchebags and bitches I got tired. Guys just wanted to see who could get in my pants first and girls wanted to see who could suck me into their clique first.

Let's just say I'm known for my looks as opposed to my brains.

And gee who would think that the princess really only has two friends, Mia Carlson from Montana and my six year old cat Stanley.

My mom bought me Stanley when my dad left us. She figured that I deserved a consolation prize or something.

I was eleven and already hated the world.

My dad was having an affair, my mom was having an affair and everyone and everything just sucked. I hated Montana.

The only good thing about it was Mia.

She's super religious-her dad's a priest so go figure right? She's a good girl which is something I'm definitely not. She keeps me grounded.

"Remember sweetie out flight is at six, be up by four." My mom peaks her head into my, now bare, room.

We rented out an already furbished apartment, so I at least had a bed for the night, albeit without sheets or a blanket.

"Of course I know, I booked the tickets-I know how to fly."

"Callie, don't be a smart ass."

"Oh come on mom we fly just as much as the flight attendants do. I'm got this flying system down pact."

"Okay fine that's true." She sits on my bed with my and Stanley.

My mom and I look very much alike. Same light brown hair, green eyes and long face. Except I have my dad's girly lips pouty lips and nose, my mom's got a damn pointy nose.

She's sort of a MILF.

"Cal we're going to live with Tom,"

I roll my eyes and pet Stanley, "Really? Ma we might as well not even unpack our things. It'll definitely be a short lived relationship."

"And why is that?" She gives me a look.

"We're living in close quarters with this man which means you'll be annoyed with him and hate him faster than usual.

"He can't be that annoying. He has a son your age."

"That means nothing."

"Well I like him now and have yet to find an annoying quality. He has a son your age and is single-he's quite a bit like me. Maybe he won't end up annoying."

"I'm trying to imagine you as a man…it's highly disturbing."

She gives me another look.

"Don't expect me to like his son."

"I don't. Just don't verbally abuse him."


"That's all I ask." Mom kisses my head and leaves.

Usually when my mom dates a guy with kids I end up hating them-like everyone else. But unlike every other person I'm forced to interact with them so I have to talk to them. I just don't always say nice things.

My mom's been dating this guy Tom Winston. She met him when he was visiting here on some business trip. They hooked up and have been in contact ever since. That was about…two weeks ago and now we're moving out to New Hampshire to live with him and his son.

Because this doesn't sound like a bad idea at all right?

"When are they getting here Claire?"

My mom gives me an amused face, "Must you insist on calling me Claire?"

"Yep," I pop the 'p' and just stand here with my Louie Vuitton suitcase, cat box and a purse. I sigh clearly annoyed and tug at the hem of my casual bright red pencil skirt.

"Fine if you insist." Mom takes out her Blackberry, "Tom said they're here-just looking for us."

I make an annoyed sound, "Jeez how hard is it to find us? We're at the freaking luggage claim."

"Not everyone can shove their way past people like you Callie."

"It's a gift Ma."

She lightly chuckles. Stanley mewls and his claws lightly tap the cage door.


Mom and I both look over to find Tom- an attractive man who dresses pretty nice-and I'm guessing that's his son the boy who looks just like him, but then there's another boy with them. A very sexy boy, but I'd never say that out loud.

Tom and his son both have dark brown hair, angular features and a skinny build. Tom's pretty tall except mystery boy is taller. He's got really dark hair and seems a bit more muscular than the other two.

All three of them smile causing me to scowl.

Tom engulfs mom in a hug while his son hugs me.

I make a face and go a little stiff, "Hey I'm Jack." He still holds onto me. It's a friendly-sort of brotherly hug.

He lets go and he and Tom trade. Tom gives me a squeeze and I make another weird face.

"This is Nolan, he's practically my son."

"And my brother." Jack adds with a smile.

"Nice to meet you guys." He gives me and my mom a perfect smile except his eyes definitely linger on me.

"Yeah okay, I'm Callie. Now can we get going? Stanley's thirsty."

For some reason the guys all chuckle.

"Stanley is?" Jack asks.

"Your cat right?" Tom answers.

I give him a skeptical look, "Yeah."

"Cat lady are you?" Nolan jokes.

I just give him a disgusted look and start walking.

Soon enough everyone is following me. Jack is at my side along with Nolan.

"Fly often?"

"Every month-it's like a hobby." I don't even look at Jack and just observe the other people at the airport.

Besides flying, people watching is a hobby of mine. I love trying to figure out what people's stories are. Why are they here, where they're going and who they are-that sort of stuff.

"Wow every month?" Nolan's got his husky voice-that's sexy too.

"Sometimes more. We move a lot."

"Doesn't it bother you?"

"Nope-love it."

Jack switches to my other side, "Want me to take your cat? Or your suitcase?"

It's sad that he and his dad seem like genuinely nice guys.

"Look, Jack, you're a nice guy and your dad seems great too. But I don't expect to be here that long." I keep walking with all my belongings in tow.

"Doesn't mean that I can't carry your bags," He offers me a nice smile, "I've never had a sister. And I might not be a brother to you, but you're a sister to me."

I look down and pause for a bit, "You can carry Stanley…if you want."

Jack kindly takes the cat cage and the three of us keep walking.

"You're in my grade right?" Jack asks.

"Well I'm a junior." I casually glance at Nolan.

"Nolan's got a brother our age too."

"I'm a senior," Nolan adds, "But let's never mention my brother."

"His brother's definitely the biggest tool in the toolbox."

"I'm somewhat ashamed of him." Nolan admits.

"Seriously the kid wears sunglasses in doors."

"Who does that-and when he takes pictures of himself in the bathroom mirror-liker seriously dude what the fuck is wrong with you." He shakes his head and jack laughs.

I offhandedly notice that Nolan's wearing a pair of Oxfords. Well isn't he the fashionable one-actually Jack's got a pair of Oxfords on too.

"Are you gay?" I ask Nolan.

This earns me a chuckle, "Nope, but my sister's a lesbian."

"Yeah seriously that chick would have the biggest crush on you." Jack gives a hardy laugh.

"Sometimes she tries to steals Pierce's girlfriends."

Does that mean Nolan doesn't date or that he dates other types of girls?

"Tried to steal my last girlfriend too." Jack shakes his head.

"She's a bit psychotic."

"You family sounds terrible." I say as we end up at the doors.

"That's why I usually stay at Jack's."

Nolan takes my suit case and hauls it into the back. I put take my phone out and put my purse with my suitcase. Jack hands me Stanley and I climb into their car, cage in tow.

I wonder why they have an Escalade when there's only two-well three of them. My mom has a compact Lexus. She spends more time flying the damn car from place to place as opposed to actually driving it. She gets her boy toys to drive her everywhere.

But hey I'm the same too. I get some boy to drive me or I take the bus. I prefer the bus though.

"How old is he?" Nolan asks. Jack's all the way in the back while mom's up front with Tom.


Stanley purrs, he's such an attention whore.

Nolan leans in close to me. Mom and Tom are caught up in each other while Jack is snoozing away. Nolan smells amazing-something like Old Spice and fresh cotton.

"I know you aren't excited about this. But Jack and Tom are-Tom really adores your mom and Jack will definitely love having you as a pretend sister. Jack's just one big kid so he'll love Stanley too. I know you don't know me-at all-but I'm just saying…"

I lick my lips, "I respect that, but me and my mom always end up moving. Don't expect things to be different this time."

Nolan gives me a gentle but knowing look, "Clearly you don't know Tom."

"Clearly you don't know Claire."

I turn away looking out the car window.

My mom got engaged-twice. The first guy was nice and rich. Gave her everything she could want, gave me everything I could want. He was really nice and just really wanted us to stay. But we didn't. My mom wasn't happy. Sure he could've bought my mom her own damn shopping mall if she wanted, but it was never about money. She's by no means a gold digger.

Actually my mom's rich enough on her own.

She has this company that she easily runs from her computer and Blackberry. She definitely does seem like a ditz, but she isn't.

The other guy she got engaged to wasn't rich-just slightly above average. He wasn't terrible, but he definitely had this thing about him where he'd pretend that my mom was funny but he really didn't get anything she said.

"Hope you like your room." Jack smiles.

"Yeah it's great." The boxes we shipped over are already littered around the room.

"If you want we can paint it."

Nolan strolls in with Stanley in his arms. His jeans are a bit low so his boxers at slightly exposed.

"Yeah I'm sure Stan here could help." He gives Stanley a little kiss between his ears. Stanley's tail waves in the air.

I put my hands on my hips and look at Stanley. What a traitor.

"Stanley's too fat to do anything." I pout at the cat and I swear Stanley gave me this coy look.

"So cynical for such a little girl." Nolan half smiles.

"Ask him, he'll tell you himself." I shrug.

Well I didn't plan on unpacking so what was I supposed to do? They're just here.

"Actually…would you mind if we painted it? I uh like painting." Actually no I hate painting, but at least it'd help me stall.

Stanley's tail stops waving. He knows I'm lying.

"Yeah! Okay cool do you want to get some now? We've got time. We can pick up some paint and then paint tomorrow since we have dinner later."

Nolan sits on my Queen size bed and lets Stanley go. Stan rubs against him before he curls up on my bed.

The walls are just plain white-a color I prefer. Painting walls means I'm making myself at home which means that I'd be staying here for quite some time.

"I'll drive." Nolan gets up. His lanyard is hanging out of his back pocket, "Jack is one of the worst drivers I know."

"I'm an amazing driver." Jack defends.

Jack strolls out of the room. Nolan's at my side. He puts a hand on my lower back, "He wishes."

Do I detect a tingle?

I'm very tempted to make the gorgeous Nolan my current boy toy…but I can't do that. I'm mean, but not that kind of mean-more frigid if anything.

"So ready for school?" Nolan asks while Jack is running around the store.

"Always ready." I sigh and look around.

"So it doesn't bother you? To start at a different school all the time."

"Not at all."

"Why not?"

"I don't like people. I like places."

"So," Nolan pauses, "If you could just move without interacting with anyone then you'd be happy."

"More than happy."

"Okay fine enthusiastic."

"Sure." I shrug.

"Thanks for making an effort-with Jack."

I adjust my skirt. This outfit seriously doesn't work with being in Home Depot. I should've changed out of my heels.

"Well he's really nice."

"He is."

I bite my lip, "Why don't you spend time with your family?"

"Jack and Tom are my family. My brother's a terrible person, my sister's…she can be frightening sometimes but I do like her. Then my parents…they're terrible too."

"Terrible how?" I shouldn't be asking this especially since it's none of my business and I don't plan on spending too much time with him, but I'm curious.

Nolan bites his lip and looks at me, "Promise you'll keep it a secret?"

"Who would I tell? Stanley?"

Nolan chuckles and brings his lips close to my ear, "Oh well I already told him. Ya'know while Jack was helping you move in."

"Then I'm sure I could just ask him."

"He might forget some details-best if I tell you."

"Go ahead."

Nolan smiles, "My mom's a drunk, my dad's a workaholic who I'm sure is sleeping with his secretary. My brother is an awful womanizer who thinks far too much of himself. Of course you know my sister's a lesbian but she's sort of a nymphomaniac."

I purse my lips together, "Sounds like my family. Except I'm an only child, my mom's not a drunk just a woman with commitment issues or something."

"Your dad?"

"Let's not talk about that." I casually touch the shelf as I walk to the paint swatches.

"And why not? You know about my family."

I stop and look at Nolan. He's got gorgeous blue eyes.

"My dad-"

"Thought of a color yet?" Jack bounces on over and smiles.

I shrug, "Not really."

"What about pink? Girls like pink right?"

"Stereotype Jack, Natalia doesn't like pink."

"She's a lesbian though and a bit burly."

"Natalia's my sister-"Nolan adds, "She somehow is girly yet wears men's clothes."

"You should meet her." Jack suggests but immediate takes it back, "Never mind. You shouldn't."

I'm sure Jack's trying to be a 'protective' brother. It's cute.

I keep my eyes on the paint swatches.

"I think I want…strawberry rhubarb." I pull out the piece of cardstock and show Jack.

"See she does like pink." Jack smiles proudly, takes the paper and strolls on over to the paint center.

I glance at Nolan and he softly smiles at me.

By the time we got back to Jack and Tom's with two gallons of paint Stanley made himself at home. Stanley walks over to me and I pick him up.

"I'm going to get changed…take a shower." Stanley and I head up to my room.

The house is more like one vertical thing-something like a San Francisco townhouse. Except it's all one house.

I finish drying my long hair and rummage through my belongings.

Where were we even going?

"Hey Callie?" Nolan knocks on the door.

"Yeah?" I call back.

He clears his throat, "Tom called and said to dress nice. A dress, skirt or something."


"Yeah no problem."

Nolan seems like he'd make a great big brother. Too bad for him that his family sucks. But then again he seems like he has a nice family with Tom and Jack.

"You look pretty." Nolan comments.

I don't say anything and fix my hair. Black heels and a black halter dress.

Why is there this stupid knot in my hair? I just brushed it. I frown and look into the mirror by the front door.

"Here," Nolan walks over and touches my hair-running his fingers through it, "So you never told me about your dad."

I bite the inside of my cheek, "He cheated on my mom…my mom cheated on him-revenge-and then he left us. He has a new family with new kids and refuses to speak to either of us. His new wife tried to talk to me, but in the end she called me a whore just like my mother. We don't speak either."

I look at Nolan's reflecting and he's absent mindedly playing with my hair.

"Isn't she the whore?"

I fondly pick at my nails, "She's a big whore with her stupid kids…"

"What about the kids?"

"They're stupid…I hate them."

"They're your half siblings."

"And I hate them," I shrug, "I hate everybody."

"You don't have everybody."

"You can't tell me who I hate." I say calmly.

"I know you don't hate Stanley though and he's a somebody."

I sigh, "Speaking of Stanley I should feed him before we leave."

Nolan removes his hands from my hair and I walk over to the kitchen. Cans of cat food already filled a shelf in the pantry. I sigh and grab a can.

"Oh my god," I have a mini heart attack when Jack appears at the door.

"Sorry," He says a bit sheepish, "I brought down Stanley's food bowl."

"Thanks," I give him a little smile and walk past him.

"So…" Jack starts. He leans his forearms on the countertop, "How do you like things? Really? I'm just easy excitable and I really do love having you here."

"It's great."

"What about Nolan? He's a great guy really-he's my brother and I don't know what I'd do without him."

"Yeah he's great."

Jack lets out a sigh, "Oh awesome," He smiles, "I think you'll really like Tom."

"You call him Tom?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Yeah my dad is more like another brother. He's never treated me like a stupid kid you know? Have you ever seen the show Gilmore Girls? He's kind of like Lorelei except a man and not as childish."

"You watch Gilmore Girls?"

"I watch it-they're witty. I like all sorts of TV shows."

I watch a lot of TV too…

"Me too." I give him a small smile and look up.

Nolan's got Stanley in his arms- déjà vu much- and he's cooing. Nolan gives Stanley a kiss and I let a slight smile slip.

He plops Stanley on the counter and smiles at me.

I open the can of cat food and empty its contents into the bowl. Oddly enough Nolan is a huge sweetheart too-like Jack. Except Nolan has a different vibe.

I've spent enough time around many different guys to know when they're douchebags. Nolan and Jack definitely aren't douchebags.

I used to date this guy named Malcolm. He was definitely a tool, but at the time I only dated him for the sex. Which was weird right, because I used him for sex and he was the tool.

Of course for him it was don't talk unless it's about something sexual, so you see my point.

I've been with my fair share of horrible guys. It was never about having feelings for any of them though-it was all about sexual relations.

I can be classified as a whore.

My mom isn't a whore though; she's more like an emotional whore. She thrives on feelings and affection, false love and if sex helps her get it then it doesn't bother her.

I shift a bit uncomfortable. Jack's on my right, Tom to my left, mom across from Tom and Nolan's across from me. It's like I'm surrounded…like a little animal in the Safari.

"So how do you like New Hampshire?" Tom asks.

"It's cute." I run my finger along the rim of my water glass. This restaurant is definitely expensive.

"So what do you do?" I casually ask.

"Well I own a real estate company."

"No wonder you have such a nice house." I give him a little smile.

"Callie loves the houses and townhouses in San Fran." My mom adds.

"Yeah we've lived in five different houses there."

Tom chuckles, "Five?"

"Cal loves it there."

"It's true, I do." I twirl a piece of my hair. The waiter comes by with our food. He takes his sweet time giving me my food and smiles at me. I make an uninterested face and politely thank him. When the waiter leaves Tom laughs.

"Do guys always fawn over you like that?"

"Not so much in big cities, small cities yes."

"But," My mom interjects, "It happens quite often anyway in restaurants."

"Okay fine restaurants and whenever there's a cashier." I make a little disgusted face.

Tom's clearly amused by this and so is Nolan. Jack's a bit disgruntled.

"Man that means I have to be far more protective than I thought."

"It's okay Jack I'm a big girl." I pat his shoulder.

"It's great though! I like the idea of it all though."

"Jack, Callie's right though. She is a big girl and doesn't need protecting unless a situation arises." Nolan raises his glass and takes a sip.

"How about I protect her and then if anyone falls through the cracks then you can protect her when the situation arises."

"I think we're not mob bosses."

"I think we should be." Jack says.

"And have mob wives?" Nolan laughs.

Do they watch Mob Wives too?

I shift my jaw left to right and spear a piece of broccoli then stuff it in my mouth.

"Your mom tells me that you're really smart. It's great that you keep your grades up. Do you play any sports?"

"Thanks…yeah I play tennis and lacrosse…volleyball and track too."

Nolan's eyebrows furrow, "All that?"

I shrug, "Yeah. I like to keep in shape…"

Although sex definitely helps burn calories too but I don't need to mention that.

My mom gives me a knowing look, but doesn't say anything.

"Anyone want dessert? Coffee?" The waiter asks mainly me.

"I'll take some coffee." Tom smiles.

"I'll have some dessert." Nolan and I say at the same time.

The waiter glances at Nolan, but smiles at me and hands me a menu then one to Nolan.

"I'll be back to take your order and with your coffee."

I bite my lip. I don't know if I could finish the dessert, but the options sound great.

"I think I'll have the lava chocolate cake." Nolan and I say together.

He half smiles, "Want to share?"


Jack makes a face, "I really wonder how either of you can eat dessert. I'm stuffed."

I've always loved sweets. I actually like desserts more than actual food dishes.

"Do you want that?" Nolan points at the rest of the ice cream with his spoon.

"Yep," I scoop it up along with some cake and give him a mischievous look.

"You're just terrible." Nolan feigns a pained expression.

"Nolan is in love with ice cream and all things related."

"I love frozen yogurt." I admit, "It's my favorite thing to eat."

Nolan looks impressed, "Me too."

The waiter comes back with the check. Tom takes his credit card out from the holder and laughs, "Looks like the waiter left you his number Callie."

I make a disgruntled face, "No thanks. Thanks for the dinner Tom."

"No problem," He gives me a gentle look and pats my back.

Mom and I trail behind the three men.

"Not so bad huh?" Mom asks while wrapping an arm around me.

"They're definitely good…"

"Nolan seems to be getting on well with you."

"Well he's very…nice."

"Tom thinks that you and Nolan would be cute together. Except he's got this ex-girlfriend apparently they were very on and off."

"And that's supposed to interest me?"

"I'm just saying that they're currently off."

"Fantastic." I state, "If I get involved with someone here then it most certainly will not be Nolan-whatever his last name is."

Ma shrugs.

"Coming Princess?" Nolan teases. The valet already brought out his car.

Mom and I share a look before I walk on over.

"Calling me Princess now?" I open the back door behind his driver's seat.

"It's possible." He flashes me a brief smile and climbs into the car.

A/n: There's a hurricane here and school is starting soon SOOO. I'm starting this story AND finishing it. I vow this and it'll be done before school starts! Just try and motivate me yeah?