Authur's Note: A little something I through together within 40 mins? Think nothing of it. I was just depressed. LOL

No one knows the pain I go through. I've lost so many things, its making it hard to move on and forget my past. Making my future weaken. Knowing that I can bare none, no human will bare from me for I am to weak. Unstable both physically and emotionally. No one to turn too. My sick twisted fantasy…Watching my own death in some else's eyes. It's a fiction story, but the pain I am sharing is as every bit as real as you and I and the person beside you.

(A Call)

"I don't know who else to turn to, can you please come and keep me company?" She said sniffing on the phone still fighting her tears.

"Yeah, I'll be there in an hour."

"Meet up by the highway bridge?"

"Sure.." -click-

Are you only saying that because you feel the need to? And not because you want to…Do you feel forced to stick by me because you made a stupid promise to my mother? Is your heart really into protecting me? Do you know what I go through day-to-day reminded of every human existence that isn't mine? Are you reminded too? Ever wonder what would happened if it lived? Would you still be by my side as I was with someone else. Would that someone else still be in the picture if I had?

(An Hour Later)

They were sitting down on the sidewalk of the bridge. Leaning against the wall that was protecting them from sudden death of on coming traffic, sudden death…The highway. He sat there waiting, as she sat there bawling her eyes out. After an hour that had passed she got up and said, "Thank you for coming."

"So are you not going to tell me what's wrong?"

She smiled and looked at him. "No…"

"Well what the hell, you tell me to come all this way just to see you fucking cry. Then you're going to send me home and not even tell me one shit? If that be the case I'm never coming back."

She smiled at him, "You can go now, once you do promise me you won't look back." She has solved her problems. Committed to succeed this time. No one will get in her way. Not this time. This time she will have her peace. Her end to her suffering. Her eternal sleep. Something she has never had in a long time. A good night sleep.

He kissed his teeth and turned around and began to walk down the bridge, heading towards the go station. When she saw that he was far enough, she turned and faced the bridge railing. Staring down at the outgoing traffic of the highway. The burning sensation of tears began to roll down her cheeks. Sadly smiling to herself she climbed up on the railing and stood there looking down at Death, staring him dead in the face. Spreading her arms she closed her eyes and felt the wind below her, roughly crashing to the ground she swiftly opened her eyes only to see that Valerio was on top of her. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? Are you trying to get killed? I've known you to do some fucked up shit. But this is ridiculous!" He got up, roughly yanking her up my her arm and dragging her in the direction of her house. Half heartedly she laughed, "You weren't suppose to look back." He glared at her as she began silently crying again.

Storming into her house, he started shouting at her grandparents. "You've driving her so far past reality its impossible. All the shit you people force into her head. Telling her she's not good enough. Don't you know everything she has done, was to please you. Sure she made some mistakes, but she is only fucking human. Like shit, you're to blind to noticed that she is suffering and all you're fucking doing is making it worst. She just tried fucking killing herself! AGAIN!" Turning to her he screamed, "Rin give me your fucking phone, I'm calling your boyfriend." Passing him her phone, she cried even harder not being able to look anyone in the eyes. She felt so ashamed. She cried until her eyes were burning and her vision was to blurred by tears.

Dialling her boyfriends number all he said was, "You better get your fucking ass here and now. Your fucking girlfriend just tried jumping off a bridge into traffic." As he said that he hung up the phone and looking at her grandparents angrily, seeing the shock on their faces as they found out how exactly their granddaughter tried to kill herself.

Why do I always feel like this? I'm so useless. All I can do is sit here and cry and cry and cry. I just want everything to be over.

They on the steps of the house with the front door open waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. Half an hour later they saw a silver car pull up the drive way. Rin's heart began to skip beats, she looked down ashamed. Knowing that she had disappointed him. She didn't want to look into those beautiful hazel eyes and see face the fury in them. He got out the car walking briskly to the entrance of her house. "Why? Why!" Was all he yell out. He was so pissed off. He too, felt useless not knowing how he could help. To stop her suffering. Cause she always kept him in the dark. "Why would yo-" She tackled him to the floor burying her face and his chest squeezing him tightly, gripping firmly his shirt. "Please…" she managed to say crying again and heaving, breathing heavily. He sat him holding her in his arms. "Please save me…" With that they all stood there, starring at the young girl in front of them. Not one word was said after that.