Inspired by Davy Jone's Locket music from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Word Count: 525

Thin fingers passed over the ebony and ivory keys with simple grace. The haunting melody of the sea came to her with ease, a gift given to her by love. Slowly the lullaby mixed in with the deepest of her emotions, churning in the depths of her heart, bringing the forgotten feelings to light.

The melody was both a gift and a curse. A gift, as it made her feel once more, but a curse, as the memories of a love long lost resurfaced. She had given her heart away to him, that man who lived by the laws of the sea. The waters which both gave and took. The blue depths had once given love, yet, it had taken him away from her just as quickly.

The song was all she had left in her heart of him. His very spirit resided within the notes that drifted through the air, bringing with it the memories of the scents and sounds of the beloved ocean. The very thoughts of that fateful beach on which they met brought her emotions to crest, threatening to break the aquamarine flood barriers.

He was dead, he was never going to return, never going to walk along the edge of the water with her, as the sand scratched at their feet. Never would they listen to the cries of the great gulls, echoing the wants that the two had for each other. Never would they see that bright, fiery star set over the cold blue ever again. Never would their hands somehow find each others, with the help of the very wind that conspiring for them to be together. Never would the very spot that they had made their own see the two of them together again, as they very force that brought them together ripped them away.

Though, she did not fault the sea for its treachery, as it had given her the song as a gift. A penance for its cruel deed. As long as her earthly self played, he would be with her, dancing within the music and her own soul joining his. Even when she was old and gray, nearing the end of her human life, she continued to play. From a young maiden to an old crone, she never betrayed him, and he waited for her.

Though she could not see him, he sat beside her, waiting for her to stop the lullaby of their love. For then, he would take her hand and guide her back to where they had met, before the time he was lost.

The old thin fingers slowed, the last note ringing through the air like a beacon to guide the lost ones home. She became cold, submerged in the oceans of despair once more. But, there was a little flame within her, telling her that he was there, and he was ready for her. And she was ready to join him again.

Beneath the starry sky, as the tide began to rise, the souls would dance as the ocean would sing. The symphony of the sea joining the two together once more, and now never to be parted again.

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