There once was a kingdom in the sky. The kingdom was a beautiful sight to behold and many wished to live there. Inside the walls of this kingdom there was what man called, a 'paradise'. It was filled with buildings and gardens that challenged the laws of nature.

Though the kingdom was beautiful, it had a secret. Hidden behind the palace walls is a horrific demon. It is a demon that sleeps within the kin of the royal family. The Mehct bloodline has been tainted by its curse, the parents only being able to give birth to twins. In this family, the oldest is fated to die so that the world would be spared from the demon's wrath.

Up until now, the demon had always been sealed inside of the younger twin to stop the curse of the 'first born'. That all changed when a brave king and queen chose to break the cycle. Sadly the king and queen gave up their lives to save their first born, The pair died, leaving not only their hope but the fate of the world in the hands of their two daughters.

This great sacrifice was one of the first steps to changing the fate of a cursed bloodline and also the beginning of an ancient prophecy.

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Okay, so I know that this is very short and such, but that's what I intended. I wanted this to be the stereotypical fairy tale introduction. Also it is a little vague but that another thing I intended. I did not want to go into too much detail with it. I just wanted a little over view. I hope that you guys like it and please leave me a review, I always enjoy constructive criticism.