Tantrum in Words

Another day passes in this world unfair
Woke up but nothing wanted to go right
And now it's time that I open up and share
These feelings that I've been trying to fight

The temper is boiling and the frustration rises
Growing higher and higher with every day
Tired of hearing these pathetic compromises
Sick of all the times I haven't gotten my way

Until finally I erupt in a passionate rage
Screaming my displeasure for everyone to hear
Flailing like an actor dancing on the stage
Until I'm certain my point has gotten through clear

Yelling at the top of my bitter, angry lungs
Throwing this fit was never my choice
But I'm tired of my needs going unsung
And now it's time I raise my voice

Until I know for sure that you have heard me
Grabbing the nearest object, I give it a throw
And as it shatters, I hope now that you can see
That I've tried my best to let you know

That my needs were going on neglected
That you were too busy with yourself
Feels like everything about me you disrespected
Feels like you put me on the farthest shelf

Back away so with me you didn't have to deal
But I have feelings and now they are mad
It's time that you see these emotions are real
It's time you know that I'm way beyond sad

But despite that I'm not beyond battling
Despite it all my fists and kicks I'm willing to throw
Your world needed a serious rattling
And now it's all come to blows…

Calm down and relax, that's what you mean to say?
You're going too far, is that what you blame?
What about you that simply threw me away?
What about you that treated love like a game?

You fuel my fire further until I'm an inferno
My words come out in wounded curses of pain
You riled me up and it's starting to show
The effect you have on my twisted brain

You try to embrace me and I give you a shove
I tell you I don't want you to come near
And it seems now you're looking for help from above
In your eyes I can see the impending tears

But I'm in a frenzy that cannot be stopped
I'm in a rage that has taken total control
These feelings of agony I've seemed to adopt
Have torn in my heart a massive, gaping hole

That has threatened to end my life if I compress
My feelings into a box and hold them within
I can't go on with all the emotions I suppress
Trying their best to bust out of my skin

I'm boiling in stress and drowning in sorrow
And above water my head no longer remains
If I have any hope that I'll have a tomorrow
I must get rid of the anger and the disdain

It's over just as quickly as it started
I begin to cry in relief that I have been heard
And all of the anguish will soon have departed
And we'll only have my tantrum in words.