Poem of Kelt-

Kelt, thy family name be, and a story to be spoke of thou family.

Name of the great King and Queen of Myrie, Kelt be,

Of the daughters three and young son of the great Rulers.

Thy Rulers` names be King Johnathan and Queen Arema.

Thou older kins` names be the golden Lilyth, the kind Avona,

Younger kins of thee names be Christelby and the Eric, thy heir.

This be a tale of the strange becursed fam of Royalty.

As thou grandson of Kelt pass into the beyond

Thou grandparents mourn by light and night

Thou sweet duaghter lay deranged.

As thou daughter of Kelt pass to thy heavens,

Thou parents mourn by light and night.

And as thou Kelt`s son lay decesed,

Thou parents mourn by light and night.

As thy second daughter disappears,

Thee parents beg the Gods to spare the remaining child,

For she is now the heir to thy throne,

Thy Gods take in exchange thee parents lives,

For thy fourth child to live.

Thy great Gods are not merciful,

As the fourth child disappears and is seen nevermore

Many mourn, many more flee, but let none forget the land of great Myrie.

Of the green grass in plenty, of the hills spreading coast to coast.

But never will we Myrians forget of the great Rulers of the great Myrie

Of the great Queen Arema, of the great King Johnathan

Of the young kin Lilyth, Avona, Christelby, and Eric.