Clarification: Buried is complete [the chapters you've read before have been rearranged and new content has been added-I would love reviews on the new content!]

This is spoilers and info for Burned, book II in the Bailey Roberts series! Enjoy!

College and juggling the ups and downs of a budding relationship with Damien is tough enough, put it together with the added pressure of dealing with her psychic 'gift' and Bailey's life is in utter chaos. Bailey's only saving grace are late night calls with her best friend Gwen and her empath sister, Amanda.

Just when she finally thinks her life is settling down a half-burnt, mutilated dead girl knocks at Bailey's door demanding she find her killer. Bailey's flat out refusal doesn't keep DG from following her everywhere, but Bailey takes stubborn to a whole new level.

It isn't until her little brother Matthew surfs through her plaguing nightmares of fire and pain, wanting to tease her about how he'd mastered his power so quickly, only for him to see the horror Bailey's been dealing with. He insists on helping her find the culprit, but his powers are more dangerous than they know and after a clue gone wild Matty ends up in a coma.

Reaching out to Eliza, a family friend and fellow dream walker, Bailey finds out that the killer has some how trapped her brother in a dream. With Eliza working around the clock to find Matty in the dream state, it's up to Bailey to do the detective work in real life to release whatever psychic hold the killer has on Matty. With the help of her Dead Girl, Bailey finds more than she bargained for.

Long summary, I know-it's in the works!

Things to expect in this book:

Bailey and Damien are together- a few months have passed since the last chapter of Buried and there will be cute, lovey chapters, but all will not be smooth

More supernatural and gore

You will have to look for clues early on if you want to try and figure out who the killer is

The killer has psychic ability, unlike in Buried

There will be talks of Wes's trial/investigation, but it won't happen until the beginning of the third book Bound

I will continue to pull the chapter titles from songs though those songs may not have anything to do with the lyrics!

Shooting for this to be about the same length as Buried.

Chapter Titles:

Prologue: Girl on Fire
Chapter One: Displaced
Chapter Two: Demons
Chapter Three: Running from this Nightmare
Chapter Four: Living Dead Girl
Chapter Five: Hunger City
Chapter Six: Clarity
Chapter Seven: Dream Weaver
Chapter Eight: I Found...
Chapter Nine: Flat on the Floor
Chapter Ten: I Got You

New characters/re-occurring characters:

Dead Girl - DG [Sarah Beth - name is found out in ch.16]
Dead Boy - DB [Monty - remembers his name unlike DG, but that's all he remembers]

Quotes that have made their way into my outlines:

"You're all he dreams about Bailey. If that's not a reason to give him another chance, I don't know what is." ~ Matthew Roberts to Bailey Roberts

"For someone who really can see the future, you're very short sighted." ~ Damien Atherton to Bailey Roberts

Bailey: 'Your name is Sarah Beth.'

DG: 'Sounds like a hick name, doesn't it?'

Bailey: 'You're parents are still looking for you.'

DG: 'Yeah. Too bad for them.' ~ the short somber scene where DG finds out her real name

Keep your eyes peeled!

coming soon.