Maybe I pushed

A little to hard

And misjudged your bluff

When I played my cards

Maybe I was

A little to mean

But at the end of love

No one comes out clean

I look like an ass

But hey you do to

So where we go from here

I have not a clue

We've gone back and fourth

Friends and then not

But this wound in our hearts

Refuses to clot

This bleeding it seems

Never will end

If me and you

Still remain friends

So cut the ties

We made through these years

Cease all the bleeding

End all the tears

Bind all the wounds

And begin to heal

In the end who knows

How we will feel

I know you will always

Be etched in my mind

As a fond memory

As two hands intertwined

But now you are nothing

But an ache and a pain

And from thinking of you

I have nothing to gain

So goodbye, stay away

Show some mercy I beg

I am fighting so hard

To keep you out of my head

Don't call and don't write

We were only a dream

We were never really

Meant to be

Did you love me I guess?

Did I love you I'm sure

Or I would not be feeling

So insecure

I would not be hiding

Under my covers at night

Begging and pleading

For the suns morning light

But each day gets better

That I don't hear your voice

And this heart ache it seems

Is now my choice

And I choose to throw it away

And relinquish the hurt

Cause I'm tired of feeling

Lower than dirt

I was good to you

That I always will know

And that makes it easier

To let you go

That there was nothing

That I could've done

To keep me and you

Together as one

So goodbye my love

I wish you the best

And I'll never look back

At this terrible mess