The cool breeze wisped through my silver and blond hair as I stood on the cliff looking out into the sea. The waves danced on the sea, like dancers. I breathed in the sea salt scent. This scent has always calmed me, even when I'm at my worst. This is the place where the old me, Alaya Sandston, died, and was awakened from my old life to a new immortal life. When i was only ten, i was abducted, and saved by a complete stranger. He took me to this very spot and made me an immortal, the only possible way to save me.

He made me immortal by, engraving small gold gems on my palms. You heard me, immortal. Forever lasting. Doomed never to die. After that day i never saw that person again. When I awoke my senses were sharpened, my eyes turned silver, and my hair silver and blonde. Even though I look as though I'm sixteen, I'm really over one-hundred. I lost count after awhile. It doesn't really matter how old I am anyway.

I had to watch silently as everyone I knew, and loved passed by me to death, while I stayed untouched by it. I was completely miserable, all those years. So, I haven't made any contact or tried to be friends with anyone. I just cant bear to lose another person dear to me again. I looked through the gem on my palm and thought of everyone I had lost over the years.

After I took one last look at the ocean i turned my palms toward the sky and rose until I was weightless. I turned my silver wings up and soared. Flying is one of the only things that brings me any joy. Feeling weightless, and free is the most amazing feeling one could ever feel. And no one will ever take that feeling away from me, no one.

I smiled, as I turned upside down and tucked in my wings and plummeted strait down. After I was close to land I spread my wings, and was still. Then I landed with out a sound, and brought my wings to my back. Then i slipped through the woods. I had only to look forward and know that I couldn't, wouldn't fall. I loved this, but also regretted it. I'll regret it forever.

I stretched my wings, they always get tired when they sit for awhile. Then I closed my eyes, making sure no one was there, and pushed my conscience out. All I found were some insects and other creatures. I then wrapped my wings around myself and surrendered to sleep.

I woke up early, spread out my wings, and combed my hair. Then I took off. The sky was a beautiful bluish white, for this is my favorite weather to fly in. As I flew through the clouds I smiled and laughed. I let my long hair flare all around me, it looked as if it were white flames. I saw an airplane that i knew, so I ducked behind a cloud. When the plane had passed I got out from behind the cloud. That was the plane of Dr. Gule, he has been trying to find mutated birds that are really old for most if his life. If he found me, well, I don't want to think about what could happen.

I landed in a wild garden, with big sunflowers. I figured that this was a good place to hide. I pushed my conscience out and oddly found something else in the flowers. It was male, and that was all I could tell. I made my way as quietly as I could toward the male. Then I saw him. He had gold hair, golden discs for eyes, and a white shirt, with kaki pants. I slowly brought my bow of my back and drew a arrow. I slung my bow and demanded'' Who are you, and what do you want?'' I got an answer to my questions when he brought out two perfect golden wings and replied'' I'm Polis, don't worry, I'm an immortal two. You can lower your bow if you wish.''

Then I watched as he turned his palm up. I gasped when I saw a silver gems on his palms.'' May I see yours?'' He asked me. I raised my wings and held out my palms. When I did his gems and mine glowed the most magnificently.'' Interesting, now can I know what to call you?'' He asked. I nodded and replied. ''I'm Alaya.'' I saw him smile and hold out his hand. I took it and gaped when a silver bracelet formed around his arm and a gold one on mine.

'' Do you know what this means?'' He asked. I nodded. This meant fate had something planed for us. I looked into his eyes. They were gleaming with joy and curiosity.'' So, you're the one'' He said '' Don't you remember me?'' I looked hard in his eyes, and thought back.'' You, you, it was you who turned me immortal, wasn't it?'' I asked. All i got was a simple nod.'' I'm sorry I did this to you, I couldn't watch you die like that. I thought it was cruel.''

''Look, its ok, really.'' I smiled to show that I meant it, some where deep, deep, down I already had forgiven him. '' Look, I am very thankful that you saved me.'' I said.'' Thanks, but it wasn't my right to save you.'' He said.'' So how have you been the last hundred years or so?'' I asked him, trying to lighten the mood.'' Well, ok I guess.'' He said.

I squeezed his hand, and let go. the golden bracelet still lingered on my wrist, as if it belonged there.'' So will these things be on our wrists forever then?'' I asked. He nodded. As if a demand we both instantly set off. We held hands as we flew through the sky. It felt so natural to fly with him. We spiraled through the clouds and laughed. I loved this, I loved flying with him.

I knew it had to end sooner or later, and it did.'' That was amazing, I felt so

happy and it was just so natural.'' I told him, I was developing feelings for him, and I knew it. It looked as if he was to. '' So where should we rest at?'' I asked.'' You want to stay with me?'' He asked me.'' I do, you're the only one I know and trust.'' His eyes gleamed.'' Well, here's fine.'' He told me. I nodded and laid down to sleep.

'' Morning.'' I heard Polis call.'' Hey.'' I replied. I got up and smiled at him. He returned the smile as I loosened my wings.'' How'd you sleep?'' He asked.'' fine, you.''' fine.'' I lowered my eyes to the ground, and lowered my shield, that hides my emotions. I felt warm and happy for the fist time since I became an immortal.'' What.'' He asked.'' Huh?'' I asked him.'' You're all smiley and your eyes are glistening.'' I looked down and chuckled to myself.

''Nothing, just happy I guess.'' I said with an inside smile. He gave me a funny look. I slowly walked over to him and put a hand on his chest. I smiled up at him and he returned it. All of a sudden he held my hand and then abruptly turned. I pushed out my conscience. I pulled it back and looked at Polis with a who is it look. He shook his head and motioned for me to stay where I was. I shook my head in a no and drew my bow. He took lead as we slowly stalked toward the intruder. I peered through the trees and saw a man. I gave Polis a questioned look. He just shrugged his shoulders. I repeated the same question I asked Polis'' Who are you, and why are you here?''