'' Wake up sleepy.'' I heard Polis tease. I opened my eyes and looked at Polis.'' Hi, um why aren't they up?'' I sweetly asked.'' I wanted a little time alone with you.'' He guiltily said as he stood up.'' Hey, I'm glad you did.'' I said as I grabbed his arm and pulled him down next to me. I looked into his beautiful eyes, and felt safe and warm allover. I grabbed his hand and entertained our fingers. He smiled and I returned it,'' Alaya, I love you but do you love me?'' He weakly asked. I looked at him and answered'' Polis my life has been so confusing but at least there is one thing that's seems right. I love you Polis.'' I thought it would be harder to say but it slipped out as naturally as talking in general.

He widened his smile. '' Hey, I have a question. Why did I turn silver and not some other whacky color?'' I asked. ''Some people are meant to be immortal and others aren't. If you are you'll have this natural glow only an immortal can see.'' He replied. ''So you saw me and you saw my silver glow?'' I asked.'' Basically yes.'' He replied. We sat in silence for a little bit.'' Do you miss them?'' He asked.'' My family?'' I asked.'' Yeah.'' He replied. ''All the time.'' I replied.'' Tell me about them.'' He asked. ''Well I had a little sister named Ruby and an older brother named Feken. Our father died in the war and our mother had to raise us alone.'' I replied. ''Strong woman. Now I see where you get it from.'' Polis teased. I laughed softly at his joke. ''Alright lets wake them up.'' He added. I groaned and walked over to Fedelity. I woke her up with a brief touch to the shoulder. Polis woke up Dreken and we lifted off. We flew in twos' I was in front with Polis at my side and right behind us were Dreken and Fedelity. I knew that they would work together, being Dreken never left Fedelity's side.

We went to a town called Detonia. At least here we didn't have to track down both of them. They were already together. They lived in the country, away from all the people. That was a relief. We found their home just where I had remembered it. It was made to look like any old house. Except for the fact that it was made of pure stone. We kept our wings out and knocked on the door.

The door swung open and we were pulled inside. I felt a cold, and terrifyingly sharp knife at me throat. I kicked it away and drew my bow. Then the lights turned and We were staring at two deep, dark black eyes. She was holding the knife that was just at my throat to Fedelity's. Dreken grabbed a the sword we gave him and aimed to attach the black eyed immortal.'' Sylindia, what's going on in here.'' Asked a boy with chocolate brown eyes.'' I found some human intruders.'' She rasped. The boy gave her a questioning look and went over to her. He touched her on the shoulder and slowly took the knife from her. She relaxed her shoulders and let go on her grip on Fedelity.

Fedelity fell into Dreken's arms and stood there panting for a minute. Then the strange boy came over to us.'' Look, we are sorry for that. Sylindia was mistaken, I see by your wings that you are immortals am I right?'' I lowered my bow and answered'' Yes we are. we are only here to help.'' then I started to tell my tale.'' We want to help.'' I repeated.'' I think we can handle ourselves.'' Sylindia sneered.'' Don't be foolish, of course you can help us. Actually I know a place where we can hide. It's a battle site from mortal past. there is a secret bunker down under the surface.'' He concluded. I saw Sylindia soften as he grabbed her hand and his lips grazed it lightly. She rolled her eyes.'' Come on we'll give you some clothing to change into.''

I looked down at my pants and tee in distaste. Fedelity and I followed her into a room with swirls or black and brown light. the black shone even brighter when she walked in. She handed us some clothes and left us to change. I wore a flowing skirt with pants in it and a gold treaded shirt. Fedelity wore something similar only green threaded. We walked back in to the room we met Sylindia at. Polis and Dreken were cleaned and had new fresh clothing on. '' So how long have you and Sylindia been together?'' I asked the boy.'' Too long to count and you can call me Figsint.'' He answered staring at Sylindia.'' What do you love about her?'' I asked almost rudely. I slapped my hand across my mouth in hopes he hand not

heard me. He just laughed.'' I know she's a little rough around the edges, but she is adventures, stable, and sweet when she wants to be.''

'' Oh.'' I embarrassedly said.'' Alaya, come on let's go get some sleep.'' I herd Polis call.'' Be right there.'' I called back. When I laid down I went to sleep. To bad it wasn't peaceful.

I was standing on my cliff by the sea. Not me, the old me. I felt my Blonde shoulder length hair. I knew my eyes were back to being hazel.'' Hey kid.'' I herd a man call. '' Hi.'' I walked over to him and blacked out. I awoke in a metal room I was breathing hard and I was bruised all over and was cut in several places. My entire body ached and screamed. I moaned. I looked up and saw two perfect golden eyes. He picked me up and suddenly I was up in the air. He put me down on my cliff as I whined in pain. He cut my hand and I felt a big hard stone on my hand. Then he left.

I awoke with a jump. Polis ran in from the next room and held my hand.'' are you ok?'' He asked me.'' No, I don't think I am. I had a dream of what I went through before and when you saved me. I can't believe you left me like that.'' I studded.'' Please don't be mad at me, I, I, I did it because I wanted you to try to be normal. Even if it didn't work out I was still there all the time.'' He whispered.'' I know but I wish I could have seen you at least once, so I could have known I wasn't alone.'' I whined. He groaned.'' Alaya please, I know I did the wrong thing. You know why I couldn't have done it any other way.'' I burred my face in my pillow. But he lifted it back up and held it in his hands.'' It's ok, I know .you couldn't.'' I sighed.'' Come on get to sleep, please.'' He begged.'' Will you stay with me till I do?'' I pleaded. He nodded.'' Promise you will never leave me, even if its another room?'' I begged.'' I'll never leave you.''

'' I love you.'' I said.'' I love you.'' Polis whispered. He ran his soft fingers through my hair. I drifted to sleep comfortably.

I awoke with Polis gone. I got dressed and went out to the room. I heard Polis talking to Figsint.'' Did you ever feel bad about turning Sylindia immortal?'' Polis asked. Figsint thought for a moment and replied'' I used to all the time, yes. '' Polis asked'' How did you stop feeling bad about it.'' It took him a bit but he finally answered'' Sylindia told me that she loved me no matter what and that she forgave me.'' I widened my eyes.'' Well it didn't work for me.'' Polis sighed.'' Try harder at forgiving your self. Look, you can't go back in time and change what you did. Look at how this has benefited you and her. If you hadn't of saved her she would be dead, and you would be lonely because she wouldn't have become you true love.'' He pestered.

At that I entered the room and sat next to Polis. He guiltily shunned away from me. I gently grabbed his shoulder and spun him around.'' Figsint is right I'm so sorry if I made you feel guilty. It you hadn't of saved me I would have died a slow probably painful death. And you know that. I love you.'' I said.'' I know. And thanks for all this Figsint, you really helped me.'' He thanked. Figsint nodded and went to wake up the others. We got up and left.'' Before we go to the bunker I want to go to a group of immortals and meet them.'' I stated. They nodded and we went at the direction the immortals were at.

We arrived at a little log cabin and went in.'' Hello.'' Sylindia called .'' Help!'' We heard a person moan. Then a hand shot up.'' Go find others, I'll help her.'' I looked into her soft lavender eyes. They were glazed with pain.'' You fought hard, I'm here to help you. Can you talk?'' I asked her calmly. She shook her head. Her head had a big gash in her forehead. Her wrist was broken and her feet bloodied up. I tore a piece of my skirt and wrapped it around her head. Then i tore another piece and cleaned her feet.'' Alaya we found six others.'' I herd someone call.