The sun pulled shut like a tired eye,
and stars fell streaming from the sky
leaving lines of white like melting ice.
Watching this, we clutched ourselves and cried,
which turned to screaming and then a sigh
as we lit the candles and walked outside

and down the streets where silence came
and walked beside us like an uninvited friend;
we didn't like his presence, but we knew we needed him.
Looping shaky fingers as others did the same,
we were too afraid to rage against the end.
We knew we couldn't save us, as we had done us in.

We found a field to settle in and held each other close,
as all the light fell down but for what we had in hand:
two waning candles standing out against the darkness sent
by gods we thought would warn us, would try to let us know.
Instead only soundless breaths escaped in gasps across the land,
as the end of the world came and went without event.