Chapter One: Part Time Job

My problems all started the moment this day had begun, as I sat there inside the room of Ms. Trisha I knew she wouldn't give me another chance.

"For the last time, your parents already sent you your allowance for this month, if you haven't pay your rent you have to leave" She told me in a tired tone while her little white kitten purred between my legs.

Ms. Trisha was your middle age woman that manages the apartment I am currently staying, her short salt and pepper hair and gray eyes matched perfectly with her light green sweater and white skirt. She could pass off as a teenager although she's already thirty five. I got to my knees and gave her my puppy dog eyes

"Please give me another month and I promise to pay my rent, I needed the money for school purposes." I begged her but she looked at me skeptically and sighed

"Alright, I'm giving you two weeks" she said in a tired tone, before I was about to rejoice she raised one of her fingers to close my lips

"And during that time you have to find a part time job or else you'll be living on the streets whether you like it or not" She told me before winking which made my heart sank. Before I could complain Ms. Trisha already stood up and opened the door for me.

"If you were only more responsible Felix" Ms. Trisha murmured before leaving me in her living room to think.

I sighed heavily while I walked back to my room just a floor above Ms. Trisha. My Name is Felix Dervin and I have the worst luck ever. Well not technically but I have the worst luck anyone could have in a day. I'm in my 3rd year in High School living alone in an apartment while my parents work aboard. I'm pretty much used to the life style here in the big apple but after almost two weeks I have been having money problems for leaving the money in the subway on the way home.

"I'm stupid" I muttered to myself while I lay down on my bed as rain poured outside.

How in the world could I find a part time job in two weeks? Sure New York is the Big Apple where there are many job opportunities but be honest it's hard to find a freaking job in this city.

"Alright Felix it's time to be strong and grab a job!" I shouted to myself proudly before going out of my off and ran out the street in search for a job

"I'm doom!" I muttered the next day after class while half of the people in class gathered near my table laughing at my predicament

"Sure sucks to be you Felix" Ian told me while laughing along with the others. Ian is my classmate since middle school. He had short blond hair and black eyes but he was slightly tanned even though he barely leaves his room

I could say I am popular with the guys and the girls since I'm a pretty open guy who gets along with everyone well except for one.

"Hey she's leaving" One of the girl's whispered while they looked at "her"

There is one person in my class that even I'm not close to since she barely goes to school. Her name is Abby Valerie; some say she has a weak body which makes her absent all the time but no one really knows her well. Abby is Asian alright but her name isn't so it always makes me wonder. She has squint eyes like Chinese or Japanese people do and long black hair and pale skin. I sighed heavily before standing up and grabbing my bag

"You're leaving early Felix?" Ian asked and I nodded before smiling weakly

"I have a job hunt to do" I told them unenthusiastically and they cheered me on before I left the room

I was about to go to my locker when I realized it was raining outside again, good thing I had my umbrella with me. I was already in front of the school when I noticed Abby Valerie looking at the rain with a worried expression while others started to go out of school with their umbrellas. Wait does she have no umbrella? Maybe her parents would pick her up. I immediately thought while I took mine out when the thought of her being all alone at the school steps waiting for the rain to stop which might be some time later bothered me.

Sighing heavily I opened my umbrella and walked towards her while she looks up in the sky with a worried expression

"Wanna share my umbrella, I'll walk you home if you want too" I told her politely and she looked at me for a long minute before nodding her head

Finding a job would have to wait I thought while Abby and I walked in silence down the busy streets of New York. I didn't exactly know where she lived but since she was still being quiet means I was heading the right way.

"Um Arigato Gozaimashita" Abby said in a low tone and immediately I understood why she was so quiet

She was Japanese I mean it's obvious she can either be Chinese, Japanese or even Korean but it's the language barrier thing was her problem but she understood very well when I offered her to share my umbrella

"Do you understand English?" I asked in a slow tone and she nodded which later I thought was a silly question since she ace English tests all the time.

"I can speak in English too" She answered this time which shocked me completely and I could tell it was written on my face since she started to laugh

"I'm Felix Dervin" I introduced since this is the first time I ever talked to her in like over a year since she transferred to our school

"I know, you are very popular in class, call me Abby since my Japanese name is hard to pronounce" She told me with a smile on her face

Okay I have seen thousands of girls smile before but Abby's smile seemed too lit like this fire in my heart. It was whoa moment alright.

"I also heard your problem earlier in the classroom" She said in a low murmur which pretty much depressed my mood since I really need a job at the moment's notice

"Please don't remind me" I begged but she looked at me with gentle eyes that I quickly calmed down.

"Well I know a person who can offer you a job, and it pays pretty well too." She told me and quickly looks at her with expecting eyes

"Who, where and what exactly will I have to do?" I asked in a quick tone she got surprised at first. She took out a card and passed it to me

"Go to that address and the job is open as long as you follow the terms. My house is just near here so see you later" She said in a blur of words that she just ran off before I could say a word.

I stared at the card and quickly my eyes grew wide when I continue to read it.

Izumi Tamako

Assistant job opening

Address: The New York Palace

445 Madison Ave. 50th Street

"No way" was the only thing I muttered.

Izumi Tamako is this newly famous Japanese writer and has been recognized as a New York Times bestselling author but she also makes awesome mangas comparable to Naruto. She's like worldly famous in only a year since her works got out in public. I smiled cheerfully and ran back to the apartment; I actually got to have a shot to work with a famous person. This would be the most awesome part time job ever