Chapter Seven: Love and Feelings

Months went by after working as Abby's assistant and the more time spent with her the more I saw her as a different person in a different light, she is still awkward and shy but she is also caring and understanding that it's seem so amazing that she can do anything she can set her mind into.

"Say um Abby I was wondering if you wanted to go to the winter dance" I asked while helping her out in printing her latest story,

She stopped to look at me with gentle eyes and blink,

"I'm not going" she said flatly and I was confused

"Why, if you can't dance then I could just take lead and-"

"It's not that, I'm not use to those events" she explained and I sighed thinking she is one difficult girl

"Don't worry, I'll guide you through it boss, I mean what are assistance for" I said and winked at her but she still looked uneasy but at least she agreed to it

On the day of the dance I went to her room and my heart raced, she wore a beautiful long white dress that reminded me of a Greek goddess, her hair was tied to down to a bun and she wore simple light make up which complemented her eyes

"You look beautiful" I said honestly which made her look down

"We'll be late" she said quickly and walked ahead of me making me run to keep up she may be wearing heels but boy can she run

"So um this is you first time going to a dance?" I asked as we took a taxi to the school

Abby simply looked out the window and I was wondering what I did to make her mad but nothing came in mind so I just stayed quiet when I heard her sigh

"Yes" she said and I was confused

"Wait um what again'' I muttered and she laughed

"You asked me if this is my first time in a dance and well yes" she explained and I look at her in shock

"Like you never went to one?" I asked and she nodded before staring out the window again

"I was never interested" she said back in a flat tone and I looked at her without blinking

"Didn't anyone asked you" I asked and she looked at me briefly

"Some would ask but only indirectly, no one asked me face to face only through phone calls or letter" she explained as the taxi swerved to our school and she quickly got off

"Let's go" she said and I followed her inside

The dance was in the gym and half the students there are greeting me and dancing to the music

"Yo, where's you date man?" one guy asked in the thick crowd that I couldn't tell who said it

I looked around and realized I couldn't find Abby anywhere

"I'm I gotta go look for her" I said back but didn't wait around to hear what they have to say

I quickly got out of the crowd and scanned the whole gym looking for her in her Greek style dress

"Abby!" I shouted but couldn't find her so I ran out the gym and ran around the whole campus hoping to find her

"Where could she have gone" I muttered to myself as I ran when I noticed and open classroom

"Abby?" I whispered inside but no response but I saw a shadow

I stepped in and I gasped, she was sitting near the window looking out while moonlight bathed her body making her look like she had a white halo around her, I blushed and looked down

"Um what are you doing here?" I asked and she simply looked out the window

"I told you I am not used to dances" she said and I sat beside her but she couldn't meet my gaze

"Did I do something wrong cause you are acting really strange" I asked and she shook her head but I felt something was definitely off

"Look Abby after months of working with you I can tell when you're hiding something" I said calmly and she sighed

"That's the problem, you know me too well know Felix. So well that you and I know each other to a point that's more than just assistants and boss" she said in a flat tone and I didn't know what she meant

"I don't understand"

"Of course you don't, I worked hard to achieve my dreams hoping nothing will ever distract me but then you can along and all I could think about is you" she said in an angry tone and I saw tears streaming down her face

"Abby I-"

"I don't want love to distract me from reaching my dreams" she said in a sad tone and I look at her with gentle eyes but sighed heavily

"So does that mean you want me to leave?" I asked and she looked shock and shook her head quickly

"No, absolutely not" she said

"Then what do you want me to do then" I asked in exasperation and she looked hurt and lowered her head

"I love you but because of it I can't focus on anything but love and it affect my stories. Just tell me you don't love me so I could forget these feelings and move on" she begged in a pain stricken tone and I clenched my fists

"Are you stupid?" I shouted and quickly embraced her which made her speechless

"There's no way I could do that, I love you since the day I heard you laugh, see your smile, full of confidence with your work. My heart just skips a beat since that day. There's no way I could just forget those feelings" I said back and she sobbed but not in sadness but more like in joy

"Felix" she said warmly now and hugged me back and I placed my hands on either side of her face

"I love you and nothing will ever change that silly, if leaving you and forgetting you will help you in your work I won't allow it" I added and this time sadness over came her


"I don't want you to go back to working on your own, not letting others into your life. I want you to trust me and let me help you I know it's too much to ask but please I want to be with you on this" I said in a serious tone and her face changed to a gentleness I barely see on her but knew it was always there

"Okay" she said simply and I smiled before hugging her and she rested her head on my shoulder

"Felix" she called and I looked down and she was blushing

"Call me by my first nameā€¦please" she muttered and I blushed with her

I know about the tradition in Japan on how people there only call each other in their last name and calling them in their first name means you are very close to them. I took a deep breath and looked at her in the eyes

"Tamako" I said softly and she looked genuinely pleased and smiled

"I love you Felix" she murmured and I kissed her forehead

"I love you Tamako" I said back and leaned forward to kiss her

A shy girl who is also my bossed turned out to be the one who won my heart, she surely is amazing after all she is the boss