The will to go on is but a tiny key
Kept buried in the depths of the mind
Shining beautifully for everyone to see
Yet tragically hard to find.

This simple treasure makes us stand again
And tells us what we're fighting for
But if it's lost, then everything will end
And that treasure will exist no more.

This piece of life is called determination
And it's caused many a thing to be saved
Until we turn away and accept its resignation
Causing everything to go to the grave.

The cemetery for its loss is large
Full of mourners who simply could not go on
But if we can just keep onward charge
We can learn to keep determination strong.

So what to you is worth entering the war,
And what to you means losing it all?
What are you willing to keep fighting for?
Whose name are you still trying to call?

Is she the one you want to call your own
Or is she just a toy to keep you amused?
Have merged together with her you've grown
Or do you keep her around because you're confused

About the heights that love can truly achieve
When mixed with the strength of determination
To get up each day and remember to believe
That you're both heading to the same destination

And only when you forget that treasure
Will you let go of everything you value most
And only when you forget all the pleasure
Will she die away and turn into an eternal ghost

Of memories determination brought you dear
The will to go on is but a tiny, golden key
That once lost will throw away all of the years
That had brought you close to me.

My determination flickers weak
I'm in danger of losing my ability to go on
Help is what from you I seek
To teach me that it would be wrong

To let my strength fade and wither away
And if you believe that we belong together
Then bring me back before I go too far astray
And we wind up losing our forever…

This piece of strength is called determination
And with it, perhaps we can be saved
But if you accept my resignation,
Our love goes to the grave…