Just the way the world's positioned

The sun beats dancing on my back

Wishes left in fountains

Hidden riches lay in plain sight

The buttercup growing despite the odds

The humble bee fighting of the sting of nature

Mother Nature wandering lost in the city

Lost in the haze of smoke

Where has her lush fields of green gone?

The rain tapping on my roof

Water lilies washed away

Innocence grows up

Simple tales sit in old minds

The rolling sea washing the sandy shore

Holidays old and new

Exotic lands of foreign dreams

The ghosts of the path walk beside us

Have we lost our way?

I guess I'm use to it

A shepherd leading his flock

But the lies of the rich

The honest of the poor

Are we really seeing with our eyes?

Or are we lost in our own egos?

Blind by money, Deaf by stories, the smell of deceit

We bite our tongues

Wait for people to defy gravity

The air to walk around them

How I long for country tracks

Long days of empty minds

Light hearted fun

The city may echo times of future

The country still dictates the ways of the past

The pliable flesh times of today

The corn will harvest

Seasons come and go

Global warming…

Public lie or science truth


A cry for help

Natures cruel weather…

A reminder to help the World

Even the World feels pain

I hear the plead of ignorance to your surroundings

Look beyond the steel fixtures that hold us in place

That demand our attention

Look to the hills and mountains that drape on our lands

That hold no evil bearings

I guess we must follow the law of the lands

As it's just the way the worlds positioned