Tears streak down my cheeks

The hollow words echoing in my ears

I just wanted to forget

Be invisible

Have the ground shallow me whole

But I walk round in circles

Knowing that sooner or later

Always sooner

That I'll mess up

I always do it

Like I'm on auto-pilot

I try to say those 3 words

Let you know how sorry I am

You nod, you've heard it before

But I mean this time

I promise it won't happen again

Those lies coming from me

Like an old comfort blanket

The terrible sins of my lips

Betraying those emerald eyes of mine

It's all too much for you

The last straw

Was it really so hard to love me?

I lose you

I can't look at myself in the eye

Break the mirrors

Destroy the monster

Block out the pain

Listen to songs sing my pain

Drink through to an empty bottle

I tried so hard to fight

To claw you back

Maybe in the next lifeā€¦

Things could be different

I try to change

Look past my flaws

But I can never replace you

I look to the stars

To see you

My beautiful mistake