Without her I wouldn't be where I am today
She raised me, and praised me
And my debt to her, I can't possibly repay

She fed me and nurtured me
While showering me with love
A lady who hath been a benevolent blessing
Sent to me from the Lord above

She is the light amongst a blanket of dark
She goes to every length to provide
Forgiving, caring, trustworthy and loyal
No greater human can there be, beside

Her face radiates kindness and compassion
Until we're happy, she doesn't rest
She sweeps away her own desires
In order that her children have the best

Tending to her every niggling need
And respecting whatever of her desires
Is enough for my almighty Lord to
Safeguard me from the Hellish Fires

She is as precious as a translucent pearl
As honourable as a pristine rose
Amidst her ever gracious presence,
The emerging fountain of life doth grows

She teaches us honesty and goodness
She is the glue that unites a family
But appreciation for her is seldom shown
Least of all by my siblings and me

A tranquil path straight
To Heaven's golden gate
Was paved by our beloved Prophet
Respect your mother,
He commanded his followers
For "Paradise lies at her feet"

Protecting and serving her in old age
Sits amongst that which is noble and good
My Lord! Bestow on my parents Your mercy,
As they did cherish me in childhood