-Losing Reality-

Why is this happening? Why is it me?

Why did I lose all sense of reality?

I want to stop dreaming, want you to leave,

Get away from the false hope I have received.

It's always you I am thinking about,

Foolish daydreams of us together, no doubt.

I don't want to keep falling and get hurt.

I can't stand being love's great joke or its mirth.

I'm just a passing stranger in the halls,

You may have seen me or not even at all.

We've exchanged playful words from time to time,

But you're stuck in my head like a silly rhyme.

We became friends through odd situations,

And grew closer by witty conversations.

I go out of my way just to see you,

You can make me smile with the things you do.

You make fun of me any chance you get.

My crush on you isn't much of a secret.

Only not to you, you're oblivious.

Friends make it obvious, it's ridiculous.

Will you finally realize, will you see,

Were we ever really meant to be?

Hi everyone! Since I've been gone for so long, I told a poem was past due. So here it is. I hope you guys like it and please review telling me what you think. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks for reading!