-Losing Reality Part 3-

Weeks turned to months as it pains me to say,

You still avoid me, you turn the other way.

I wish things could go back and the stay the same.

I had everything to lose but more to gain.

It was a gamble made, a chance I took,

A big mistake after seeing that one look.

It was too late to take back what I said.

Your bewildered eyes caused me a sense of dread.

It wasn't how this was supposed to end,

Why'd you turn your back, why couldn't we be friends?

So you went on without a single word,

Leaving us to be permanently awkward.

What did I expect you to say? What did I want?

I wanted anything but your silent taunts.

I'm okay now but thanks for asking,

So much for friendships lasting.

I need to stop trusting people like you,

Stop thinking you'd actually like me too.