A few years had passed. Marlene Potsie and Carla Sanchez were in their apartment, making dinner together with the television on. Carla was making dinner while Marlene made dessert. Marlene always made dessert within one hour. Carla always had a hard time believing her older cousin could make sweets within an hour.

Marlene Potsie remembered she didn't have dark hair in her group of friends. She didn't mind being the blondie with her friends, Jay McCarey whom she'd called hotcakes. She knew Jay McCarey didn't seem to mind being called hotcakes but always wondered why she called him that, even in front of his elderly mother, Shirley McCarey. Carla watched her older cousin take the brownies out of the oven. Carla remembered the two of them hadn't had sugar for a couple years because of Marlene's DUI in Atlanta in NASCAR.

"I can't wait to taste those yummy brownies of yours, Marlene. I can taste them already," Carla said, feeling her tongue go a bit crazy at the moment.

"You'll have to wait until dinner's finished," Marlene said.

"Not even one little taste?" Carla begged her older cousin.

"Nope. Sorry," Marlene said to her younger cousin.

"Shoot. You're mean," Carla said.

She had wanted to taste test her older cousin's brownies.

"Come on, Marlene. I'm the one who cooks the meals around here. You should give me the credit around here and let me taste your desserts," Carla begged.

"No!" Marlene said.

"Aren't you mean," Carla said in a teasing voice.

Marlene left the kitchen so she could get ready for a date.

"I've got a date with Steve, Carla. Whatever you do, no tasting those brownies till later. I'm gonna lock them up in my room," Marlene said.

"Come on!" Carla said as she watched her older cousin head for her bedroom to change.

"I mean it, Carla. I'm watching," Marlene said in a singsong voice.

Marlene came out of her bedroom within a few minutes later.

"You better not have tasted those brownies of mine while I changed," Marlene warned her younger cousin.

"I didn't," Carla said.

"Good. I'm gonna keep an eye on you while I'm out on my date," Marlene said, still in her singsong voice.

"You know how much I hate that when you do that," Carla said.

"Good. I'm going to do it anyway," Marlene said.

Carla was happy that Marlene was in a happier mood now since a couple years ago when she got suspended from NASCAR. Marlene still didn't have a job a couple years later but is looking around Las Vegas for a job, Carla remembered. She knew Marlene had a hard time searching for a job because of the DUI she had gotten. Marlene now no longer had a parole officer, so she was back to her happier life. She had that feeling once Officer Smithy was out of the picture, Marlene would be back to normal.

A couple years ago, both she and Marlene had met a few new friends, which Steve Griswold had introduced them to and they all had liked each other. When Marlene came out of the bedroom a few minutes later, her date arrived. Carla watched her older cousin leave their apartment with six teenagers. Once Marlene was out of the apartment, Carla decided to sneak a taste of her cousin's delicious brownies.

"Marlene wouldn't even notice," Carla said, taking an evil laugh.

She cut a little piece of brownie.

"There. Marlene won't notice I had a taste of her delicious brownies," Carla said with an evil laugh.

Carla saw how much time had passed when she went to bed at ten o'clock that night. She saw Marlene wasn't home yet, so she went to bed but left the lights on for her older cousin while she turned her bedroom light out. Marlene let her dates drive her home. When they got home, Marlene saw the lights were still on in the house. She wondered if Carla was still up or not. If she was still sleeping, she could see Carla in the morning.