Later that afternoon while Jay and Marlene were at the Buddy Holly show, Shirley felt it was her time to pass away. She knew she was only ninety - six years old and it was telling her it was her time to go and no family members were by her side to say good - bye. Shirley did remember Jay didn't get to say good - bye to Don three years ago when he passed on. It was only three - thirty when she passes away. At six o'clock that evening when Jay and Marlene came back to his house after the show was over.

"Mom, I'm home!" Jay called at the top of his lungs.

There was no answer from Shirley McCarey.

"Mom?" Jay called a second time.

"Mom?" Jay repeated.

Still no answer.

"Hotcakes, come here," Marlene said from the couch.

"What?" Jay said, coming over to Marlene's side.

"I've got news for you," Marlene said.

"What?" Jay repeated.

"It looks like she died," Marlene said.

She knew the answer because she felt Shirley's pulse.

"Can't be, Marlene. Mom can't be dead," Jay said.

"Looks like it," Marlene said.

"Mom was alive when we left," Jay said.

He felt sad all over again.

"First Dad died three years ago and now Mom. This can't be," Jay said, starting to be sad.

He got his cell out of his pocket and dialed his sister. She was home, so she answered the phone.

"Hi, Jay," Karen McCarey said.

"Hi, Sis. I have news for you," Jay said.

"What?" Karen asked.

"Mom passed on," Jay said.

He sounded like he was going to cry.

"Can't be. When did she pass on?" Karen asked.

"Not too long ago. Marlene's with me. She figured it out," Jay said.

"No way. Mom can't die yet," Karen said.

"Well, she did," Jay said.

The two siblings talked a bit longer and then got off the phone.

"We're planning a funeral for Mom," Jay said.

"Good enough," Marlene said.

She didn't say anything more. Time passed. Jay told the family and friends that were out of state about Shirley's passing on. The family was sad about her also. His godmother, Bella Fluke, was sad because she was his mother's best friend in high school when his mother and father first met through Bob Fluke, his godfather. He remembered his godparents were now one hundred years old and lived with their children out in Florida.

"We'll see you at the funeral, boy," Bob Fluke told Jay.

"All right, Bob," Jay said to the old man.

The funeral arrived a couple weeks later. Jay and Karen saw their godparents, Bob and Bella with their wheelchairs with their children. Their children were now in their fifties, Jay remembered. He had forgotten the names of the children. He remembered they were single. Bob and Bella Fluke had wondered whom Marlene, Steve, and Carla were since they had never met before.

"Bob, Bella, Karen and I would like you to meet some new friends of ours," Jay said.

"Who are these old people?" Marlene asked.

"That's not nice to call them old. They may be old, but they happen to be the people who introduced our parents in high school and are our godparents," Jay told Marlene, Steve, and Carla.

"Really? Why don't you introduce us?" Steve asked.

Jay decided he would introduce his new friends to their godparents. He knew Bill couldn't make it to the funeral because he was at a book signing out in the United Kingdom.

"Bob, Bella, these are our friends, Marlene Potsie, Carla Sanchez, and Steve Griswold," Jay said, introducing his and Karen's friends one by one in order.

Karen even got to take a friend of hers from Milwaukee since it was all right with Jay.

"Who's your friend, Karen?" Marlene asked.

She knew she'd never seen Karen's friend before.

"He's a friend of mine from Milwaukee," Karen told Marlene.

"Why don't you introduce us, Karen?" Marlene asked.

She wondered what the guy's name was since she knew he was from out of state and not a residence here in Nevada. Marlene noticed the guy looked young. She saw he was somewhere in his twenties but couldn't recall the exact age.

"Why don't you introduce yourself?" Karen asked Cecil Thomas.

He grew a bit shy.

"You know I get a bit shy around strangers, Karen," he said.

"I know, but you can introduce yourself to my friends," Karen said.

"I guess I could," he said shyly.

Both Marlene and Carla noticed Cecil Thomas was shy.

"I'm Cecil Thomas," the young man told Karen's friends.

"It's nice meeting you," Steve said, handing out a free hand for Cecil to shake.

Cecil took Steve's right hand and shook it. Even Marlene and Carla said "nice to meet you" to Cecil as well as Jay. Everyone paid respects to Shirley and then went through the burial. They had a small farewell party at the McCarey house in Henderson once everyone left the gravesite.

"Why don't you tell us a little about yourself?" Steve asked.

"I don't know," Cecil said shyly.

"Where do you work?" Carla asked.

"I'm a mechanic. I fix cars," he said shyly.

"Must be nice. What kind of cars do you like?" Steve asked.

"I like the Porsches best. Those are really nice cars," Cecil said.

"Those are nice cars. I have a motorcycle," Marlene told him.

"Motorcycles I stay away from. They are dangerous," Cecil said, "so I don't fix those. No way."

Jay visited with Bob and Bella while Karen stayed with Cecil and their friends. The farewell party didn't last very long because Bob and Bell ahad to go back to Florida that evening.

"Jay, before the party shuts down, why don't you sing a song for us?" Karen asked.

"What one?" Jay asked.

"Why not "Life Goes On?" Karen suggested.

"Sure, I'd be happy to sing it for you guys. Let me grab my guitar first," Jay said.

He left for the stairs and found his guitar.

"Jay sings? Since when?" Bella Fluke asked, surprised.

"You have to hear him, Bella. He's really good," Karen said.

"All right," Bella said.

Jay came back a couple seconds later with the guitar. Jay started singing the song. Once he finished, it was time to go to the airport. The entire group went to the airport, including Cecil. They were in time for the flight number being called.

"We'll see you next time," Jay told Bob and Bella as Jay and Karen hugged Bob and Bella and the children and watched them hop onto the plane.

Jay started singing "Life Goes On" a second time and everyone else joined in.

"Rest in peace, Mom," Jay and Karen said at the same time.

Author's note: The song, "Life Goes On" for this chapter belongs to LeAnn Rimes. It was an idea for Jay who plays the role of Potsie Webber from Happy Days to sing the song. For those who haven't reviewed yet, please do! If you have read these series, I'd suggest you start with the introductory story over at fanfiction under my same pen name "The McCarey Files" so you'd know when they come in and what roles they are. "The McCarey Files" was written over ten some years ago. I did enjoy writing it. Thanks for reading!