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Chapter 6- Telepathy

Danika looked at me with wide eyes.

"What?," I asked her.

She shook her head. "Never mind. Let's go find someone."

Danika and I walked farther down the hallway.

"I can't see anything!," I protested.

Danika muttered an 'ugh' or something like that under her breath.

"Kala, fire?"

I tried to make a fire, but it didn't work.

"It isn't working."

Danika cursed under her breath-something along the lines of damn it.


"KALA AND DANIKA!," I replied.

Then all of a sudden, the lights flickered on.


After he finished speaking, a set of golden doors and a very tall man appeared in front of us. The tall man opened up the golden door, and escorted us farther in to the palace. The walls were covered in paintings of women, men, and beasts.

"Who are they?," I asked the man.


"Oh.," I replied softly. "Who are you then?"


Aroonoona opened a door that revealed a bunch of people that were sitting at a huge marble table.

"THEY ARE HERE!," announced Aro(I'll just call him that because his name is so long.)

After Aro finished his announcement, all eyes were on us. I started to fidget because I absolutely hated attention.

Great, just great. Zealand and Murphy might be dead, monsters are real, and now 100 pairs of eyes are trained on me. Lovely!

Huh, sarcastic one, aren't you?, said a masculine voice.

My eyes widened. Someone just talked to me, using telepathy.

Who are you?, I asked the person.

…You will find out-eventually.


I snapped out of my thoughts.


"Come on!", exclaimed Danika. "They are having dinner! Flora wants us to sit down!"

I nodded and followed Danika and another girl to 2 empty seats. We sat down. Man, these chairs were very comfy! The chairs were red and brown. I looked down at the ceramic plate. The outer ring of the plate had all of the countries in the world on it. Then the countries were surrounded by different shades of blues. There were different types of food in front of me-Indian food, fast food, fish, some Greek soups and salads, pita bread, skordalia, moussaka, spanakopita, souvlaki, grilled octopus, pasta, pizza, lasagna, sushi, rice, a whole bunch fruits and vegetables, tea, fish and chips, chocolate, tacos, enchiladas, burritos, feijoada, cocada, moqueca, pamonha, kibbeh, beans, armadillo meat, rabbit, deer, chicken, turkey, ham, beef, drinks, and desserts. I reached for some food and started to eat. While I was eating some pizza, I looked over at Danika. She was eating something that I had never seen before.

"What is that?," I asked Danika, while taking a sip of apple juice.

Danika put what she was eating down and spoke.

"It's a smorrebrod-A Danish open sandwich. My grandma makes these when we go to Finland for the holidays, but it's awhile since I've been there. I love them though. They are really good. Do you want to try one?"

I shook my head yes. The sandwich looked yummy. "What's in it-or what is it made of?"

She looked down at her open sandwich. "It's made of dark rye bread, smoked salmon, cucumbers, egg, cheese, and shrimp."

I hungrily watched her cut some of her sandwich for me, then she handed me some. I took a bit of it. Then yummy flavors exploded in my mouth-the crispiness of the salmon, the sweetness of the cheese, the freshness of the shrimp…yum. I looked at Danika and pleaded for more with my eyes.

She looked back at me, smiled, and took a bite of the smorrebrod.


I pouted and took a bit into my red apple. It wasn't long until Danika started to socialize with someone. I sighed. Danika was a social butterfly-most of the time, although she hates a lot of people.

"Hey, who are they?"

I looked at who Danika was pointing at. There were 2 kids sitting at the end of the table alone. The girl looked around our age, and so did they boy. Both of them were Mexican(I think. Or maybe from central America) and were decked in red and black-but they were every part of their bodies were covered-except for their neck, head, and hands . Something about them fascinated me-I knew that they were hiding a secret-but what was the secret? I wanted to know who they were.

Whoever Danika was talking to snorted.

"Them? That's Claire and Colin-but he goes by Cole. Apparently their parents are Ayauhteotl-the Aztec Goddess of mist, haze, vanity, and fame-and then their dad is Chalchiuhtotolin-the Aztec god of illnesses and..."

I rose my eyebrows.

Wow, that's a long name, but then again, aren't most Aztec names long? , I thought to myself.

Yes, they are., said the voice from earlier.

I looked around the dining room. Nothing. Everyone was eating and chatting. I sighed for the millionth time that day.

Again, WHO. ARE. YOU? And one-get out of my head. Two-are you good or evil?

Kala, Kala, Kala. I'll stop bothering you when I feel like it and don't worry, I'm good.

Well, that's a relief. Where are you?

At the same table as you. In the same room. Eating. Not talking out loud. No one wants to talk to me…

Why not?

They don't know me.

Random question: Why me?


You heard me.

I don't know what you mean. Seriously.

I quickly took a bite of my apple again. I was starting to get mad-and that wasn't a good thing. I did bad things when I was pissed off. Like kick and punch objects. Then I get into a huge pile of elephant poop.

Dude, I don't care if you are a God, just leave me alone before I get really mad.

Wow. I'd like to see that.

In your dreams, idiot.

No offense Kala, but you have lame comebacks. I can do way better.

I rose my eyebrows.

Oh really? Then let me hear them if they are so great.

Uh, not right now. I have no reason to call you an idiot. In the future? Maybe.

Ok, that's fine. Now will you please leave me alone? People are starting to give me weird looks.

Of course they are. You look like you've seen a demigod.

Haha. Very funny. LAME!

Ok fine, I'm bad at jokes. Oh crap, my…friend is giving me strange looks and she/he is about to scold me. Bye.

After he was done mentally communicating with me, I finished eating my food. Right after I was done, Flora clapped her hands together.

"Is everyone done?," she asked while scanning the room.

Choruses of yeses filled the room.

Flora smiled. "Well then, that's good. Everyone may be dismissed."

I got up and looked at Danika. She was wiping her mouth with a rainbow-colored napkin.

"Now what?," she asked me. "Are we going to hang out here or are we going to go to sleep?"

I just shrugged. I didn't know-we were new to this place. Before I could suggest what we could do, Flora came running over to us.

"Hello…what are your names again?"

"I'm Danika.," my friend said, then she pointed at me. "And she is Kala."

Flora shook her head.

"Right. I'm sorry that I forgot your names. It's just that there are so many people here."

Danika smiled at a tired Flora. "It's fine. I have the same problem. In 'my' math class, there are 30 people and I can only remember 6 of their names."

She (Flora) wiped the sweat off her forehead. "Well then, that's good. Anyways, I came here to give you the key to your room. Pajamas and toiletries are on the bed. Breakfast starts at 9 am and Lights out is at 1 am. Now goodbye. I'll see you tomorrow, yes?"

I nodded and Flora smiled.

"See you tomorrow.," Danika said while Flora was walking away from us. She turned to look at me. "Well, at least we got our question answered…and where is room 904?"

"It's right near our room. You can come with if you want to. "

I spun around. Claire and Colin were behind us. I looked at Danika and shrugged my shoulders(as if to say, 'you decide'.).

She nodded her head.

"Sure why not."

Colin smiled. "That's good. Now let's go."

Claire and Colin started to head towards their room and we followed them.

"So…where are you from?," asked Claire while pushing the hair out of her face. "We are from Mexico-but you already knew that, right?"

Danika shook her head yes. "Yeah. We live around here, but it's kind of funny that I've never noticed it before."

"What do you mean?," asked Colin. "The building or something else?"

"I think that she means the building," I replied. "I have to agree with her. I pass this area every day, and the only thing that I see is a rundown motel."

Claire raised her eyebrows. "Really?"

Both of us nodded and Colin rolled his eyes.

"It shouldn't be that surprising Claire. The castle appears for those who are…worthy. It doesn't appear for everyone."

Claire glared at her brother. "Of course smartass."

He smiled at her. "Thank you sister."

Claire groaned. "Gods Colin, why don't you ever get offend? When someone insults you, you thank them."

Colin placed a hand over his heart.

"That's not true Claire. I'm just better at hiding pain."

Claire shook her head and ran her hands through her hair.

"You are so unbelievable-and don't reply to that."

Colin opened his mouth-then closed it. He pointed ahead of us and Danika gasped. My jaw dropped at the sight in front of us. Where there was supposed to be a huge garden in the middle of the castle, there was a very tall hotel. Danika muttered curses under her breath(it was among the lines of 'holy shit').

"So is our room up there?," I asked them. "Near the top of the hotel?"

Colin nodded. "Yeah. Your room(s) are on the floor above ours."

"How do we get up there?"

Claire smiled. "It's easy. We just follow this place and enter the entrance of the hotel. Then we take the elevator."

Danika scratched her chin. "Hotel? It reminds me of beach houses in way."

I looked up at the hotel again. Huh. She was sort of right. It had stair cases wrapping around it. Before I knew it, we were right in front of the building. When we were about to enter, the doors flung open and we walked inside. Right into hell(not literally).