I felt like writing, so I sat down at my desk and "let the words flow". Written August 2011.

I was once
an independent spirit.
A heart full of hope,
and a soul so free.

I was a lone wolf.
Who needed a pack?
Relying on others
just wasn't for me.

I didn't need anyone
to walk beside me.
I walked alone,
with my head held high.

But ever since you
have entered my world,
I've bid this way of life

Without you I'm nothing,
nothing at all.
You'll brighten my world
on my darkest day.

Your love is the only thing
pulling me through
all of the hardships
that come my way.

Without you I'm nothing,
nothing at all.
But, blinded by love,
it's hard to see -

If you were to one day
walk out of my life,
where would I go?
Who would I be?