The next day, which was Friday, Don rode to school with Bob again. When Don got to school that morning, a few of the kids were laughing at Don McCarey and Bob Fluke. Don hated to be laughed at.

"Why are they laughing at us?" Bob Fluke wondered.

"Who knows?" Don McCarey answered his best friend.

They soon figured it out later on.

"They're laughing at you, Donny," Bob said.

"Why? I hate being laughed at," Don said.

"I know you do, Donny. I do, too," Bob agreed.

"Why are they laughing at me for?" Don wondered aloud.

That's when they headed to the boys' bathroom in the high school to figure out what the kids were laughing about.

"You said they were laughing at me, Bob," Don McCarey reminded his best friend.

"They were!" Bob Fluke said.

"About what?" Don McCarey asked, clueless.

"I'm not sure. Let's figure it out," Bob said.

"I don't see anything funny," Don McCarey said.

"I don't either, but let's figure it out," Bob Fluke said.

"I'm sure we'll figure it out," Don said.

It took the guys quite a while to figure out what the kids were laughing about on Don McCarey.

"I see what they were laughing about, Donny," Bob Fluke said.

"What?" Don asked.

"Your weight," he said.

"Weight isn't funny," Don told his best friend.

"I know it's not," Bob agreed.

Don hated it when people made fun of weight. He couldn't help loving to eat food. He couldn't help being heavy because of all the food he ate and enjoyed. He was thinking of proposing to Shirley when summertime approached. He realized how much he loved her.

"Bob, I have news for you, but you've gotta promise not to tell anybody," Don said.

"What?" Bob asked.

"You've got to promise not to tell anyone and that includes Bella and Shirley," Don said.

"What's that?" Bob repeated.

"I wanna marry Shirley," Don said.

Bob burst into giggles.

"You can't marry her yet! You just met her!" Bob said in giggles.

"It's true. I think she's the perfect bride for me, Bob. I'm not even joking," Don said.

"You've got to be, Donny, my boy. You can't love her after meeting her right away. Impossible!" Bob said in giggles.

Don knew that was true but this was different for him. He knew this was love in first sight. He had a feeling Shirley felt the same about him. Months and months passed and Don found himself spending so much time alone with Shirley. He had found them as a steady couple and later on they found themselves as an inseparable couple. One night when he was alone with Shirley Jackson on a date, he put on a Frank Sinatra record.

"Want to hear some music?" Don asked her.

"Sure. What do you have in mind?" she asked.

"Frank Sinatra okay with you?" Don asked.

"Fine with me," she said.

She didn't care what he played. They listened to the tune "The Way You Look Tonight."

"This song is romantic, Don," Shirley said.

"I know. I feel the same way," he said.

Towards the end of their date that night and the song almost ended, both Don and Shirley sang along with the song.

"Just the way you look tonight," they both sang together.

Author's note: This story should explain why "The McCarey Files" should tell readers Don and Shirley have married 71 years. That's why Jay was born in 1964 and Karen was born 13 years after he was. If you haven't yet read the introductory story of "The McCarey Files", please do so. It explains a bit more of why this couple has been married for this many years. It also is the first story of the McCarey series, so please go to my fanfiction page and read it and enjoy!