Geez! It's been forever since I posted anything! I really should be working on the Straight Jacket Series buuuuuut...

Anyway! This is just something I started writing in class today. It's the ancient Elvin ritual, to honor Fire and thank him for allowing them to use his power. Only Elves who've bonded with him can participate in the ritual or even see it. Thought it might be worth posting XD let me know if you like it!


It was dark among the trees and brush except for the occasional touch of moonlight that filtered through the trees. It was relatively quiet; the only constant sound was the chirping of crickets and cicada's breaking the vow of silence the forest had taken. Every once in a while the wind would blow through the treetops, making the branches creak and the shadow's dance. The smell of dirt and rotting foliage was so heavy in the air you could taste it.

The slow sound of a distant drum was almost unnoticeable as it gradually grew louder and stronger. It wasn't long before a light bean to filter through the tree trunks; the drums still gaining volume. Slowly, a marching procession broke through the the trees. The procession was formed by two long lines of people, two torch wielders in the front, followed by a long line of instrument players broke only by torch wielders. Despite the large variety of instruments, only the drummers were playing as they marched.

Behind the instrument players were men and women clad in bright colors and lace, their face's obscured by brilliant masks shaped like animals, leaves, or the elements while some were decorated with pearls, gems, or sea shells. At the very end of the march were two old, bent figures, one a man and the other a woman. The group marched through the forest, their feet so in time with the drumbeat it was hard to tell if the commotion was actually the drums at all.

The procession filed into a large clearing, the instrument players creating a large ring around the outside, while the elegantly dressed men and woman formed four circles, each inside the other. The two elders slowly made their way to the center of the rings, standing exactly two yards away from each other before they turned to face one another.

"Fire of the White Dragon!" the elders said in unison, "Fire of Earth, Fire of Air, Fire of Sea! Fire of heart, of man, of life! We honor you!"

The elders clapped their hands together loudly and the entire clearing burst into flame beneath their feet's, though none of them cried out or burned.

"Our hearts beat in time, our breath is one!" the elders shouted, "We are one!"

"We are one!" the rings of people cried out, before the instrument players began a tune that was quick and almost dark. There was two beats pause before the masked men and women began an elegant dance through the flames. Each dancer past each other, their shoulders, legs, and arms so close they almost brushed each other, but never touched. As they danced, their masks caught fire, but none of them seemed to notice as they twirled and jumped and shook with each move.

The music ended abruptly, and each dancer stopped at the same moment. Their masks burned to ash and fell from their faces, exposing the beautiful and ugly alike.

"Fire," the elders spoke again, "We honor you and we thank you."

"All hail the White Dragon," they all called, before they broke apart and went their separate way's home.

Let me know if you like it! I'd really appreciate it!