Clarriseth and Annabelle were the best of friends. They lived in trees next to each other. That's right, you heard me, trees.

Clarriseth and Annabelle are wood nymphs, that's what you call a fairy that lives in a tree.

Clarriseth lives in a willow, Annabelle in a pine tree. Annabelle thinks Clarriseth is the prettiest wood nymph because she lives in a willow. Wood nymphs take after their trees, so Clarriseth has silvery green hair that reaches to the ground and silver eyes that glitter. And, of course, all wood nymphs have blue skin and transparent wings.

Clarriseth thought Annabelle was the prettiest wood nymph because of her deep green coloured hair and dark brown eyes.

One day, Clarriseth was baking when she happened to look out her window.

There was a man standing outside. Clarriseth quickly abandoned her cooking and darted outside.

Since humans can't se wood nymphs, or any other creature like them, she wasn't worried. She leaned forward to see what the man was doing and gasped in delight. Annabelle would love this!

Oh my goodness Annabelle! Clarriseth had told her that she would be there at three, it was now three forty-five.

Clarriseth rushed over to the tall pine. Annabelle came out.

"I didn't expect you so soon, you're usually an hour late!" Annabelle cried jokingly.

"I'm sorry but I had to see what that man was doing!" Clarriseth apologized as she settled on the couch.

"Well, what was he doing?" Annabelle leaned forward excitedly.

"Oh, he was looking at the woods. He's building a subdivision near here!" Clarriseth grinned happily.

"That's great! Children will come and climb and play in our branches!"

"Or hide behind our trunks for hide and seek!"

"Or run around us playing tag!"

"The possibilities are endless!" Clarriseth giggled.

"Look at the time, you've stayed so much longer than usual. You had better get back to your willow." Annabelle stood to let Clarriseth out.

"Are you trying to get rid of me?" Clarriseth asked as she stood and let herself be led down the hall.

"Yes! I am very tired, I stayed out all night. I was dancing," Clarriseth stood on the porch.

"Were you with Donnie? Is he your boy -" Annabelle closed the door in her face.

Clarriseth flew back to her willow muttering, "I'll bet her is her boyfriend and one day they'll get married and have little baby wood nymphs."

Clarriseth curled up in bed and fell asleep happy.

A few weeks after Clarriseth had seen the man she woke to the sound of machines. She fluttered to the window and cried out.

Bulldozers were knocking down the trees faster than you could say, "NO!"

Clarriseth watched in horror as the school was knocked down and many more. Then they did the worst thing imaginable, they knocked down Annabelle's pine tree! And everyone knows that when a tree is cut down the wood nymph that is in it dies.

Clarriseth was devastated. She curled up on her bed and cried. She didn't move for many moons. When she finally did move she looked to where Annabelle's pine tree had stood but, instead, there was a house.

Clarriseth wondered how the bulldozers took all those trees, took Annabelle's tree, and just missed hers?

As she was watching a little girl, about five years old came out of the house and walked toward the willow. Clarriseth became angry as she remembered how much Annabelle had wanted children around her.

Clarriseth, although she didn't know why, blamed the children for Annabelle's death, for the death of all the wood nymphs. So, as the little girl came closer Clarriseth planted her feet and one of the willow's long branches whipped out and slashed the girl across the face.

She ran away yelling for her mother and claiming that the willow was haunted by an evil spirit.

From then on Clarriseth became a tyrant, the tree whipped out at anybody who dared come near.

One day, fifteen years after the first incident with the little girl, she came back. Of course, the little girl was grown now. She approached the tree holding a bundle.

"Wood nymph of the willow tree. My name is Mary. I know you are there. I know that humans can't see you, but I know you are there. I now know that this tree is not haunted as I thought when I was younger. I don't know why you hate us, I do want to give you this." Mary held out the bundle. She placed the bundle at the roots of the willow and left.

Clarriseth thought that the bundle must be a baby. She was right in a way.

Clarriseth fluttered down toward the bundle. The blankets peeled away and there stood a twenty five year old girl. Clarriseth smiled as tears rippled down her pretty face.

The girl had blue skin. Her name was Annabelle.

This was written in grade six, so it's pretty old/stupid. Still, review please.