So...I WAS rewriting Dark Secrets when suddenly an Idea hit me like a Semi hitting a Possum that was crossing the street...

A startled OOMPH! was let out along with the air in my lungs, damned roots. Need to get up, I've got to go, NOW!Move c'mon! but it was like every other time, it seemed as if my ankle was broken, or severely sprained, but either way I couldn't move it.
Then they were there, slowly approaching, drawing out the suffering, the suspense, just before they I woke up screaming: "NOOO!"

Soon my dad was there carrying an aluminium baseball bat, he looked around the room wildly, looking ready to bash someones brain again before his eyes came to rest on me, "The Nightmare again?" he asked cautiously, lowering the bat only when I nodded. He set the bat up against the door and sat next to me on my bed, putting an arm around my shoulders, his voice comforting.

"It's alright sweetheart, it was only a dream"He reassured.
"Just a dream"I repeated, my voice barely audible.
"That's right, nothing can harm you as long as you're with me" he said switching his hand to my back, rubbing his hand in circles in between my shoulder blades, my 'Sweet Spot' as he puts it, supposedly i would do anything if someone was rubbing my back there.
"Mhm"I mumbled, thinking about The Nightmare. Every year, a few times a month I'd always have this dream where I was running through the woods from someone, or something... and each time I would wake up right as they got me. It had been a nuisance since I was three, although now I don't wake up crying.
He just remained silent, continuing to rub my back until slowly I drifted back to sleep, this time a dreamless one.

When I next reached consciousness, I smelled Bacon and was in the kitchen, three seconds flat (Did I mention I was on the third floor?) to found my dad with a grin and a plate piled high with bacon; I grabbed the bacon and scarfed it down before he could even tell me good morning. What?Do you have a problem with me liking bacon as I do?I have a high Metabolism, it doesn't make me fat or anything.

"Someones a little hungry" he said teasing me. That's whats great about my dad, he's carefree, humorful, never a downer, nor a killjoy (Unless it involves acohol or drugs) yet he can still be loving, caustious, protective, etc when he's needed (Exp:Last night)
"I'm always hungry for bacon"I reminded.
"Hm, I believe this obsession is becoming unhealthy, perhaps we should consider a therapist" he said jokingly, stroking an imaginary goatee
"Hey, it's not an Obsession, just love... lots and lots of love..."I countered, kinda ruining it with the awkward silence, DAMN YOU AWKWARD SILENCES!
I think I have problems...

"Okay, whatever you say, love" he said in a Cockney accent, breaking the (Awkward) silence, whilst getting me to crack a smile.
"Don't go all crazy-British on me"I warned.
"Yes ma'am" he said obediantly, dropping the accent, "But you might to hurry or you'll miss the bus, you know, the one that's here"
"WHAT?"I yelled, flying back upstairs, throwing on some ripped skinny jeans, a Green Day tee, my charcoal grey Converse, and last but not least, the fabulous final peice of my signature look, my prized black hoodie. It was from my mom before she... moved on... I teared up at the thought, but continued nevertheless managing to throw my brunette hair into a quick pony-tail.

I looked once more in the mirror to make sure I was ready for the day. I could've used a shower to wash some of the dirt that had colloected around my eyes, but it looked like eyelineer, and suited me. Wonder where it came from...
"BECKY THE BUS IS ABOUT TO LEAVE!" my father yelled, his voice carrying up the stairs. With a shrug I slid down the handrail and landed on my feet (More or less) in front of my dad, picked up my backpack, gave him a quick kiss in the cheek, a quick 'I love you' and was out the door, barely making the bus.

I said a muttered 'sorry' to the bus driver for making him stop and fought through the thick jungle of legs, backpacks, and kids to the back and sat next to my best friend Cathy. as you don't know, I'm pretty anti-social, I don't do well with other kids. They were the latest in whatever fasion magazine while I stick with band tee and jeans. They wear high-heals and I wear Converse. I think you get the idea, but Cathy is something...different... She's kinda girly, but kinda like me, a hybrid, but, she's nerdy, with her glasses and the book she ALWAYS carries around, but we're both loners and immediately got along.

"Is that such a good book that you feel the need to ignore your best friend?"I asked with a smirk, startling her, and making her drop the book.
"Oh, sorry, I didn't see you; and yes, this is a very good book. I love the action and adventure, oo and the romance!Oh you should definitely read tyhis-but wait; you don't read...well you should read this anyway because it's such a good book and you would love i-" but before she could go any further I slapped a hand over her mouth. Did I neglect to mention she's a chatterbox?
"If I move my hand will I be able to actually talk?" I asked her. After she gave a quick shake to signal yes I took my hand away.
"Sorry, I-"
"Have a tendacy to talk to much, I know"I finished, earning a grin.

We continued like that for most of the 10 minute ride to school with the occasional break for talking about boys, homework, etc.
Despite having The Nightmare, things were looking up, until a new kid got on the bus...


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